David Hart

Director, E4tech

David Hart has consulted and carried out research on fuel cell and hydrogen issues for a wide range of organisations worldwide, including national governments, major industrial companies, financial organisations and NGOs. In addition to his work as a Director of E4tech, he is also a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy, and chairs the Steering Committee of the Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, one of the leading global fora for fuel cell experts. David is recognised as one of the leading experts in hydrogen energy technology and infrastructure, and the associated policy and environmental issues; and in fuel cells used for transport, portable and stationary decentralised power generation. He has led over a dozen fuel cell and hydrogen assessments for due diligence work, in addition to strategic analyses and a wide variety of reports and papers, and has been an invited keynote speaker on fuel cell and hydrogen issues on six continents. David holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering with German from the University of Bath and in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, and his PhD at Imperial College was in Hydrogen Energy Systems.

E4Tech is a sustainable energy consultancy based in London and Lausanne.