John Lauletta

John Lauletta is the CEO, CTO, and Founder of Exacter, Inc., the utility industry's leader in predictive reliability analytics.  He is an industry thought leader and a subject matter expert on power outages, overhead equipment failure, and pole fire/wildfire mitigation, as well as being the driving force behind Exacter’s cutting-edge product development efforts.

He is a regular speaker at IEEE events around the country and has spoken at multiple EEI T&D meetings, international reliability conferences, and events for APPA and NRECA.  Presently, he is the industry's foremost VOICE for helping utilities prevent outages, pole fires, and flashover events by using predictive grid intelligence and analytics.

His experience and deep understanding of the issues facing the electrical utility industry in the areas of grid reliability/grid resilience and the implementation of strategies and programs to reduce outages, CMI, SAIDI, SAIFI make him a powerful catalyst for electric utilities looking to make continuous improvement to their systems.