Mike Parr

Senior Systems Engineer

Mike Parr is a senior systems engineer working with U.K. and European DNOs on distribution-related projects. He has a degree in power and control engineering from Liverpool John Mores University and a MBA from Boston University.

Systems Engineer UK DNO
Merseyside & North Wales Electricity Board O&M and new build. Senior Authorised Engineer to 33 kV.

The Port Electrical Engineer Industrial Port of Jubail (Saudi Arabia)

The Facilities Engineer: Sony (UK) Bridgend TV Plant
O&M activities (factory services) and energy saving.
Designed and installed one of the first PC-based SCADAs in 1984.

Founder SAQ Networks (1996) – UK ISP (remains a substantive shareholder)

Founder and Director PWR Limited (on-going)
Market research on renewables, power networks, and EU policies and politics. Clients include G8 country. Key output is a monthly report with +/-100 HTML links to technical, market, policy and political developments.

Hitachi: New Energy Senior Associate – Business Development
Smart Grids and Smart Cities (on-going). Initiator of various “smart grid” projects with UK DNOs.

Smart Cities & Communities: FP7 project – contributor on energy networks

Evaluator – EU Framework Programme

Publications: 17 letters in the Financial Times covering various subjects including power networks. Contributor CEPS “For a Future Sustainable Competitive & Greener EU Budget.” Letter published in Nature: Biochar