Bradley Schmidt

Vice President Engineering & Operations

Brad Schmidt has been employed by Cass County Electric Cooperative Inc., Fargo, North Dakota, for 35 years in various positions, and currently is the vice president of engineering and operations.

A master’s graduate of North Dakota State University in agricultural engineering with an emphasis on electric power and processing, Brad has a passion for engineering, always needing to know how something works, why something failed, how something could be designed better.

With an engineering and operations division of just over 50 employees, Cass Electric is one of the fastest growing electric cooperative utilities in the United States. Under his direction, the CCEC Engineering & Operations team provides for the engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance of the utility plant to serve a dynamic membership growth of over 400% in 25 years with an electric plant that has grown to more than $230 million. It’s been a busy three decades of work!

Brad’s roots run deep in electrical power, agriculture, and NDSU, all of which he holds very close. He’s actively involved in various programs at NDSU and is an adjunct professor there just because it’s fun and he likes to return what he believes was a tremendous gift provided him from NDSU in his engineering degrees.

Brad proudly holds a professional license to practice engineering in the state of North Dakota.