Google is on the Way to Quietly Becoming an Electric Utility

Sept. 20, 2013
The search giant is slowly but surely morphing into a literal power broker.

Can anyone get into the utility business? Maybe so, but can anyone actually become a utility? Quartz has taken Google's announcement that it would buy all the electricity generated by the 240-megawatt Happy Hereford wind farm to be built near Amarillo, Texas, and concluded that Google is becoming a utility by being able to buy and sell electricity.

There are other smaller companies that provide energy this way, but how many big corporations are going to follow the way of Google so that they can become green?

"The nation’s utility executives probably are not feeling lucky these days. They are already fretting about losing revenue as a growing number of homeowners install solar panels to power their abodes with free sunshine. With the Happy Hereford wind farm, which is expected to go online in late 2014, Google will have power-purchase agreements for more than 570 megawatts of wind energy..." (Quartz)

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