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Jan. 1, 2007
Horizontal Directional Drill The Vermeer D80100 Series II NAVIGATOR HDD is designed with the operator in mind. Drilling functions are integrated into

Horizontal Directional Drill

The Vermeer D80×100 Series II NAVIGATOR HDD is designed with the operator in mind. Drilling functions are integrated into the thrust and rotation joystick controls, providing fingertip control. The D80×100 Series II delivers 10,000 ft-lb of rotational torque and 80,000 lb of thrust/pullback force to perform a wide range of bores in difficult ground conditions.

In addition, the D80×100 Series II offers a 150 gpm or 200 gpm onboard pump for increased backreaming and mudmotor efficiency. The optional patented RockFire Ready System offers a steerable pneumatic rock drilling system designed to drill and steer in rock. This system will open up new markets for drilling contractors to complete short- to medium-length bores in varying rock formations.
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Two-Way Communication Systems

EFJohnson provides two-way radios and communication systems for utilities. Founded in 1923, EFJohnson was one of the first companies to be fully compliant with Project 25 interoperability standards. Its portfolio of digital and analog solutions assists in effectively and affordably managing the transition to digital P25-compliant systems. EFJohnson radios meet narrowband requirements for analog and digital Project 25 formats, and support legacy systems while enabling a seamless transition to narrowband operation.
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Online Training Courses

Linemen looking to advance in their careers can benefit from taking online training classes. The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE) sponsors courses and degree programs for energy workers, including linemen, contractors and field personnel working in electric transmission and distribution. The program offers three courses for students interested in line construction: transformers, underground line construction and overhead T&D line construction.

Arc-Protective Fabric

Electrical workers can get stronger electric arc protection in lighter, cooler uniforms sewn from the TECASAFE plus fabric introduced by TenCate Protective Fabrics.

A leader in flame-resistant fabric, TenCate specially engineered TECASAFE plus to protect against electrical arc and flash fire. The flame-resistant properties of TECASAFE plus are fully embedded into the fiber blend itself instead of being added on as a chemical finish. With TECASAFE plus, the fire protection is built-in and will never wash out or wear out.

These fabrics conform to the NFPA 70E standard at Hazard Risk Category level 2. The innovative blend of fibers results in a unique set of advantages covered by several patent applications.

TECASAFE plus was also designed for comfort with its soft, cool and breathable fabric. It absorbs and wicks moisture away from the skin. TECASAFE plus provides garments with better durability and longer life than other fabrics of its kind and is ideally suited to industrial laundries.
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Customized Training for Linemen

Northwest Lineman College (NLC) has been providing customized training to the power and communications industries since 1994. A variety of training courses have been delivered to telecommunications utilities, electric utilities and electrical contractors. NLC developed a special group called Utility Training Services to meet the industries training needs. Popular courses among the industry include: climbing, basic electricity, transformers, rigging, pole-top rescue, live-line methods, first aid/CPR, meter safety and many others.
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Impact Hex Bit Sockets

Wright Tool is now offering new impact hex bit sockets in ⅜-inch and ½-inch drive, ranging from ⅛-inch to ⅝-inch sizes, and in metric sizes ranging from 2 mm to 17 mm.

The new impact hex bit sockets are also offered as the following sets: seven-piece ⅜-inch drive (Set No. 362), seven-piece ½-inch drive (Set No. 403), nine-piece metric size (Set No. 363) and six-piece metric size (Set No. 455).

Wright Tool's impact hex bits are made from 8650 steel and are precision-heat treated to provide high strength and longer product life. With a black-oxide finish for corrosion resistance, Wright Tool impact hex bits are secured by a setscrew in heavy-duty screw-type holders. An identification number is stamped on each bit in large type for easy identification. All sets are on color-coded clip rails for easy access and storage. Replacement bits are available.
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