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April 1, 2006
Composite Hollow Insulators Nantong Shenma Electric Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 1996. With the high-speed development over the last eight years,

Composite Hollow Insulators

Nantong Shenma Electric Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 1996. With the high-speed development over the last eight years, Shenma Tech has become one of the largest manufacturers of composite hollow insulators and rubber parts for T&D equipment in China.
Nantong Shenma Electric Technology Co. Ltd. |
Booth 3814

Substation Projects

PSD Inc. offers a single-source solution for the design, procurement, construction, testing, startup and maintenance of all configurations of substation projects and transmission lines up to and including 500 kV for utilities, industrials, municipalities, wind farms and a variety of other markets. PSD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Waukesha Electric Systems.
PSD Inc. |
Booth 3031

Current Sensors, Disturbance Fault Recorders

NxtPhase T&D Corp. introduces two products in Dallas. The NSTC-F3 Flexible Current Sensor is designed to offer higher accuracy, broader dynamic range, wider bandwidth, improved safety and environmental benefits, while the TESLA 3000 Disturbance Fault Recorder adds the ability to combine multiple recorders into a larger virtual unit via Ethernet communications.
NxtPhase T&D Corp. |
Booth 2714

Capacitance-Graded Bushings and Related Components

PCORE Electric, North America's only company 100% focused on the manufacturing of capacitance-graded bushings and related components, offers a wide range of products; 15-kV to 69-kV PRC Bushings, 25-kV to 500-kV POC Bushings and 25-kV GSU Bushings. Our time and cost-saving products include the PCORE Test Terminal, Bushing Repair Service and the patented Quick Link Bushing.
PCORE Electric Co. Inc.
Booth 949

Insect Repellent

ARINIX is a plastic insect repellent designed to be placed inside utility transformers and other electrical equipment to deter entry by fire ants, spiders and other crawling insects. Laboratory tests show ARINIX is effective for up to three to five years.
Nix of America |
Booth 353

Overhead Line Protection

S&C's new IntelliRupter PulseCloser significantly advances the science of fault testing on overhead lines. It was designed from the ground up to accommodate advanced feeder automation functions. IntelliRupter incorporates the revolutionary new PulseClosing Technology to test for faults by applying a very fast, low-energy pulse to the line. S&C also introduces TripSaver Dropout Recloser for protecting overhead lateral circuits. Used in lieu of fuse cutouts, it improves system reliability by eliminating the permanent outages caused when lateral fuses respond to temporary faults. “Fuse-saving” schemes are now a thing of the past.
S&C Electric Co. |
Booth 3040

Frequency Response Analyzers

Phenix Technologies, a leading manufacturer of electrical test equipment, will be presenting our Model FRA-100 Frequency Response Analyzer. This instrument is a nondestructive test for power transformers to detect winding movements or structural changes, which could cause failure of the transformer. Visit our booth for a demonstration.
Phenix Technologies Inc.
Booth 1307

Flexible Hardware

SNAP DNP I/O is an affordable, simple RTU that allows for quick and seamless expandability, and fills the niche for small, flexible hardware requirements. A versatile solution, POWER Engineers' product has multiple uses, including monitoring, controlling, interfacing and connecting. Straightforward configuration and trouble-free usability combined with flexibility provides easy retrofit or modernization.
POWER Engineers Inc.
Booth 2251

Technology Advances

The Communication Protocol Test Harness is a Windows application that simulates Master or Outstation devices, monitors communications and performs automated protocol-specific conformance tests or custom functional tests. It can be configured through a graphical user interface (GUI) or Tcl/Tk scripts to provide automated testing. The SCADA Data Gateway (SDG) is an OPC client/server (driver), data concentrator or protocol translator. In addition to OPC, the SDG supports IEC 60870-5, DNP3 and/or Modbus communication protocols. Master/slave, master/master and slave/slave mappings are also supported by the SDG.
Triangle MicroWorks Inc.
Booth 1648

Emergency Towers

The TSMAST is a lightweight high-strength tower designed for extremely rapid deployment. Constructed entirely of high-strength aluminum, the TSMAST is the easiest and most versatile tower in the world. Tower Solutions also sells equipment and accessories required for tower construction, such as insulators, antitheft bolts, linemen's tools, Pionjars and ground rod extractors.
Tower Solutions Inc. |
Booth 1709

Cables and Accessories

Prysmian provides a wide range of products and services. Prysmian manufactures fiber-optic cables, 600-V to 46-kV voltage power cables and accessories for the medium-voltage power cables and high-voltage cables up to 138 kV for extruded dielectric, 345 kV for pipe-type and 315 kV for self-contained fluid-filled (SCFF) cables, as well as submarine cables and submarine cable installation.
Prysmian Cables & Systems
Booth 2418

Engineering Consulting

Realtime Utility Engineers Inc. provides detailed substation and transmission line engineering, as well as field services such as commissioning and testing and construction project management, to a wide range of clients including electric utilities, municipalities, industrial generation, wind developers, construction contractors and equipment manufacturers nationwide.
Realtime Utility Engineers Inc.
Booth 2141

Composite Insulators

WLT Technologies Inc. continuously devotes itself to innovations in the design and development of specific or complicated composite insulators. To ensure product quality, WLT has strictly met IEEE standards, ASTM standards and ISO 9001 standard in all the manufacture processes. WLT would like to build closer relationships with customers by providing advanced technology, high-quality products and excellent customer service.
WLT Technologies Inc.
Booth 1460

Slip-Resistant Surfaces

SlipNOT represents state-of-the-art technology in slip-resistant surfaces. We manufacture any shape, size or specification for utility vault covers. Our covers are constructed from steel, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized plate, grating or a combination of both. Our covers are used by PG&E, AT&T, Verizon and more.
SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring
Booth 2918

Monitoring Products and Diagnostic Services

Serveron develops, delivers and supports on-line transformer and battery monitor products as well as diagnostic services that transform the way utility assets are managed. Our products help avoid unplanned failures, enable lower cost conditions-based maintenance and defer capital expenditures.
Serveron Corp. |
Booth 1659

Infrared Cameras

The VisIR Ti 200 infrared camera from Thermoteknix features a touch-screen interface and real-time simultaneous visual and thermal image display. A unique cast aluminum clamshell case protects your investment, which incorporates a high-sensitivity Vanadium Oxide (VOX) detector with a 3-hour battery life for all your predictive maintenance applications.
Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.
Booth 4057

Aerial Survey and Mapping Services

GeoDigital International, LLC introduces a fully integrated 3-D solution for the management of geographically dispersed assets. This solution gives the customer all the tools to work smarter, cheaper and with better overall results in one constantly updated database. Stop by our booth for a full demonstration of our services.
GeoDigital International, LLC |
Booth 756

Transformer Protection and Control

Orto de México will be exhibiting a complete line of instruments and accessories for transformer protection and control. Electronic Instruments with SCADA output and different models of Online Monitoring Systems will be presented as well. New electronic instruments with DNP 3.0 protocol output will be energized to see their performance.
Orto de México
Booth 333

Power Transformers

Power Technologies Inc. (PTI) is a privately owned Canadian company located in Regina Saskatchewan. Currently employing more than 80 employees, PTI continues to experience growth in small- and medium-power transformers. We are now manufacturing up to 138 kV at 40-MVA top rating. We look forward to meeting you, and truly believe you will walk away with new answers and solutions for your transformer requirements.
Partner Technologies Inc.
Booth 3831

Protection, Control and Automation Systems

See the latest in protection, control and automation systems at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories booths. Products highlighted include a complete drop-in control house, synchrophasor measurement and display system, secure communications, advanced recloser controls, integrated station control, rugged computer systems and innovative fault indication systems.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Booths 1531 and 4153

Preassembled Control Buildings

Trachte Powerhouse Control Buildings are utilized by utilities nationwide, for relay and protection substations, switchgear, metering, SCADA, AMP, battery systems, MCCs and other control applications. Trachte steel-framed, steel-sided buildings are shipped preassembled with house electrical systems and accessories preinstalled.
Trachte Inc.
Booth 525

Engineering Services

Ulteig Engineers has served the electric power utility industry since 1944. Today, we provide a complete range of engineering, planning and surveying services to our clients from project design to closeout. Our transmission, distribution and substation groups function independently or interface with each other to deliver total system solutions.
Ulteig Engineers |
Booth 2855

Construction Services

Serving the utility industry for 53 years, Wilson Construction Co. has the expertise to tackle the most complex projects. Specializing in overhead and underground electrical distribution, substations and switchyards, power plant interconnects, underground and overhead transmission lines through 500 kV, and environmental services, Wilson has carried its expertise across the nation.
Wilson Construction Co.
Booth 621

Electric Motors

WEG is one of the largest Latin American electric motors manufacturers and is present in more than 60 countries in the five continents. Additionally, the company counts on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes associated with the most demanding total quality programs. The company today has the same asset philosophy as in 1961, which is based on work and discipline, multiplied by each of its employees committed to ultimate customer satisfaction.
WEG Electric Motors
Booth 754

Burn Kits

New soft-sided burn kits equip electric power employees to care for burn emergencies immediately at the scene. Kits feature Water-Jel gel-soaked burn dressings and fire blankets in a heavy-duty-nylon carry bag. Dressings and blankets utilize a specially formulated cooling gel to stop the burning process, cover the injuries and relieve the pain. Made of 96% water, gel does not contain any drugs and can be used on first-degree, second-degree and third-degree burns. Water-Jel cools the skin but not the patient, won't stick to burn injuries and rinses off easily with water.
Water-Jel Technologies |
Booth 421

Porcelain Insulators and Bushings

America Asia Group Co. manufactures porcelain insulators, porcelain bushings, bushing assembly, and parts for transformers and the utility industry. The company's quality system is ISO 9000 certified. America Asia Group has served the power industry for 25 years and supplies its porcelain to more than 20 countries. The company will continue to supply our high-quality products at a competitive price and with on-time delivery.
America Asia Group Co.
Booth 2256

Rear-Projection Module

The Christie GraphXMaster RPMSP rear-projection model is customized for rear-screen display walls and offers a 50-inch to 120-inch (127-cm to 305-cm) diagonal screen size, allowing for the most flexibility in custom integration. It features SXGA+ native resolution, 1200 ANSI lumens for UHP system, and one-chip DLP technology for superior tiling and performance quality. It comes with Christie's 10-bit electronics platform, as well as Christie's integrated six-axis geometric adjustment and stability system. The Christie GraphXMaster RPMSP allows for diagnostic monitoring and projection control via serial network. Multiple input options and accessories are available on multifrequency models. The GraphXMaster RPSMP is ideal for command and control centers, 24/7 mission-critical environments, network operation centers and video walls.
Christie Digital Systems
Booth 3223

Composite Insulators

HD Electric Co. introduces two innovative products: the DVM-80 High Accuracy Digital Voltmeter & Phasing Set and the DVI Digital Voltage Indicator. Both products promise state-of-the-art functionality and improved usability on overhead lines or in underground applications. For information on these and other products, visit our booth at the show.
HD Electric Co.
Booth 2817

Brass Padlocks

The Wilson Bohannan Co. has been manufacturing brass padlocks in America since 1860. All padlocks are of the best quality material and are engineered to the highest standards. Locks are available keyed alike, keyed different, master keyed or to your existing key. Shackles are available in brass, stainless steel or chrome-plated steel.
Wilson Bohannan Padlock Co.
Booth 2815

Power Transmission EPC

KEC International Ltd. is one of the largest power transmission EPC companies in the world, with a client base spread over 40 countries. It has a strong presence in the Middle East, Africa, and Central and Southeast Asia, including India. To date, KEC has supplied more than 1.9 million metric tons of towers and has constructed over 53,000 km (32,933 miles) of transmission lines worldwide. KEC's strength lies in the areas of design, manufacture, supply and construction of turnkey projects of power transmission lines of voltages up to 800 kV, and in the execution of power distribution and substation projects, design and engineering services, turnkey telecom infrastructure services and maintenance of power transmission lines. KEC is ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for quality, environment and safety standards.
KEC Intenational |
Booth 3956

Digital Meters

Electro Industries manufactures a complete line of digital energy and revenue meters. Products include Socket form meters, panel meters and substation automation solutions. Most products include advanced features such as DNP 3.0, Ethernet and control capabilities.
Electro Industries |
Booth 2317

SF6 Gas Density Indicators

Monitoring SF6 gas is critical. In response, WIKA offers SF6 gas density indicators, monitors and transmitters. SF6 gas is dependent on the ambient temperature, which distorts readings at extreme temperatures. WIKA's products are specifically engineered to show accurate readings regardless of the ambient temperature from -50°C to 50°C (-58°F to 122°F).
WIKA Instrument Corp.
Booth 3454

Threaded Fasteners

Threaded Fasteners is a national distributor and manufacturer for the electric utility industry. We stock A325 structural bolts, A394 tower bolts, step bolts, pal nuts, ring fill washers and much more. We manufacture rebar cages, plate washers and custom anchor bolts with capabilities to thread up to 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter.
Threaded Fasteners
Booth 2953

Wildlife Protectors

Universal Thermography's Therm-A-Guard division will be showcasing its patented Therm-A-Guard Wildlife Protectors. These wildlife guards completely protect covered electrical equipment from wildlife, while still allowing for accurate infrared and visual inspections of the guarded equipment. With many benefits over conventional solid wildlife guards, they are quickly becoming the industry standard.
Universal Thermography Inc. |
Booth 3057

Drainage Systems

Solidification Products International Inc. offers a patented drainage system designed to allow storm water to passively discharge into the environment until a hydrocarbon/oil is present. Once a spill occurs and the hydrocarbon/oil reaches the SPI system it seals, becoming impervious resulting in full containment.
Solidification Products International |
Booth 2722

Substation Products

ACA Conductor Accessories is a total system provider of: substation products for voltages ranging from below 230 kV to 765 kV; HiTemp compression accessories and filler compound for high-capacity conductors; Copperweld for grounding; vibration control products and vibration analysis software.
ACA Conductor Accessories
Booth 2220

Field Information System

GE Energy's Smallworld 4 product suite provides increased access to spatial data across the organization and introduces integration with GPS technology. The integration with GPS receivers allows crews to update the map view dependent upon the current GPS position and capture the location of assets in the field. This release is adaptable to individual customer needs through the customization and extensibility options. Customer-specific applications for focused tasks such as asset inspection or leakage detection can be developed in addition to tailoring the user environment to suit the needs and abilities of the field crews.
GE Energy |
Booth 1325

Phase Angel Indentification

Avistar Inc.'s AP-10 identifies phase and phase angle in seconds on overhead and underground T&D power lines. The AP-10 has a voltage capability of 120 V to 500 kV and features a rugged, field-worthy design that allows easy one-person operation.
Avistar Inc. |
Booth 2956

Consulting Services

Stanley Consultants, a member-owned firm,offers a full range of planning, engineering, design and construction services nationwide. We use our expertise to help electric utilities plan and design safe,reliable, economical and environmentally responsible systems. Our project experience includes new generating plants; operating facility upgrades/retrofits; substations/switchyards; and transmission/distribution systems.
Stanley Consultants |
Booth 2316

Reclosers and Interrupting Switchgear

G&W Electric Co. will be showcasing the latest in solid dielectric reclosers through 38 kV for both three-phase and triple/single operation at the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution show in May. A variety of configurations will be highlighted, including pole-mount, substation and pad-mount designs. The company will also be showcasing the latest in load and fault interrupting switchgear, including expanded ratings, submersible vault capability, and the next generation of automatic transfer and electronic controls.
G&W Electric Co. |
Booth 2541

CPC Pipe Clamps

Harger Lightning & Grounding introduces its CPC series of pipe clamps. The CPC Pipe Clamps Series ranges from 0.5-inch to 6-inch (1.3-cm to 15-cm) pipe and all of the pipe clamps have a conductor range from #6 to 250 MCM. The connectors feature a quick-connect mounting application and a bidirectional conductor design. UL listed (direct burial).

The company also announces TOP-LIGHT, a new mold cover design that greatly improves the ignition process for Ultraweld exothermic connections. TOP-LIGHT makes the ignition process easier to perform while substantially reducing the reaction emissions. TOP-LIGHT eliminates flint igniter fouling and substantially extends the igniter life.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
Booth 620

Transformer and LTC Temperature Monitors

Weschler Instruments manufactures transformer and LTC temperature monitors with cooling control, alarms, multiple winding monitoring and SCADA outputs. The Weschler line includes models implementing DNP-3 protocol. The company offers units optimized for new transformers and units configured for easy replacement of analog gages on existing transformers.
Weschler Instruments
Booth 2743

Transformer Leak Repair System

The quick-plugging action of American Polywater's new PowerPatch Transformer Leak Repair System creates a durable, permanent seal that can repair active oil and SF6 gas leaks in transformers, lead-sheathed cables, potheads and other oil-filled electrical equipment in minutes.

Active oil and SF6 gas leaks are blocked by the PowerPatch system's two-part putty stick. Then the proprietary quick-curing, two-part paste overcoat, which has a 41-kV dielectric strength, forms a seal that is impervious to water, oil and weather. The PowerPatch system eliminates hazardous alternative methods of repair, including lead wiping and heat sources in a manhole.
American Polywater Corp. |
Booth 2426

Revenue Meter

Based on Power Measurement's industry-proven ION 8000-series platform, the socket-mount ION 8600 revenue meter combines Class 0.2 metering accuracy with expanded on-board memory, advanced power-quality analysis, multi-port communications and extensive I/O. Each meter can be ordered preconfigured to meet standard metering, monitoring and control applications, or preprogrammed for customer-specific applications.
Power Measurement |
Booth 1616

Digital Partial Discharge System

The LDS-6-RIV is designed for simultaneous PD and RIV (Radio Interference Voltage) measurements on high-voltage apparatus. It is computer based and for phase resolved PD data acquisition, storage, and a diagnostic tool for PD failure recognition and statistical data evaluation. It features internal noise-suppression technology, which permits on-site applications and use in production test facilities.
HV Technologies Inc.
Booth 1361

Networking Devices

RuggedCom designs substation-hardened networking devices for electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. Products include switches, routers and device servers that meet or exceed IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards. The RuggerRouter RX1000 provides integrated router, firewall and VPN functionality that support NERC1300 requirements.
RuggedCom Inc. |
Booth 447

Status of Cable Systems

Cable|wise services from DTE Energy Technologies provides a detailed assessment of the condition of each component in your transmission and distribution system. It is an on-line, nondestructive technique that enables utilities and electrical cooperatives to understand the status of their cable systems, and includes minimizing shutdown due to failures, avoiding unplanned outages, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and prioritizing capital expenditures.
DTE Energy Technologies Inc.
Booth 1118

Field Software Solution

Laser Technology Inc.'s T&D Pro Version 2.0 for Pocket PC collects and calculates the most critical measurements needed for T&D. T&D Pro integrates with LTI's reflectorless laser system and offers a safe and efficient method to perform complicated measurements in the field.

T&D Pro handles a variety of applications for the power utility industry, including verifying values for span, sag and tensions of multiple power lines. This can help determine upgrade capacity and power efficiency, or can be used for accurate tensioning of newly constructed lines. The software also allows users to verify conductor clearances, attachment heights, distances between two points and more. T&D Pro assists with improving vegetation management practices by providing a line-clearance value where a tree may be in danger of hitting a line if it were to fall.
Laser Technology Inc. |
Booth 715

Utility Services

For the past 70 years, utility and telecommunication customers have relied on Osmose Utilities Services Inc. to help reduce costs and extend the life of their outside plant. We provide inspection, repair, maintenance, data acquisition and data management services including pole inspection and treatment, pole restoration, overhead line and attachment surveys, field data collection and a full line of utility products. Our workforce is mobile, scalable and technically skilled, and serves more than 800 customers in all 50 states.
Osmose Utilities Services Inc. |
Booth 1149

Substation Server

SUBNET introduces a substation server so smart that it will replace your RTUs, PLCs, SOE logger and communications processor with a single device. SubstationSERVER.NET delivers seamless automated event file collection, advanced SEL relay communication processing, protocol translation, automation logic and enterprise integration out of the box.
SUBNET Solutions Inc.
Booth 1624

RTDS Simulator

RTDS Technologies has increased the computing power of its RTDS Simulator with the addition of a Giga Processor Card (GPC). The GPC contains two IBM PowerPC 750GX RISC processors, running at 1 GHz, and can be used for solving the overall network solution as well as auxiliary components. The GPC can also be used to provide small time-step (< 2 µs) simulations of voltage source converters (VSC) used in FACTS and distributed generation (e.g., double-fed induction wind generators).
RTDS Technologies Inc. |
Booth 1549

Automation and Integration Solutions

To address key issues that challenge power-delivery professionals daily — productivity, reliability and social responsibly — Cooper Power Systems offers “Smart Solutions — Reliable Power — Everywhere,” an array of advanced technology and services that help utilities operate their systems more effectively and efficiently. Cooper products easily link together to improve the entire power system for better safety and more reliable energy. As utility customers are increasingly unwilling to tolerate any outages, utilities are faced with delivering power where and when customers need it.

Through “The Power to Connect,” Cooper's exhibit will feature a selection of flexible automation and integration products that protect, automate and integrate the entire power system. Cooper product experts will be available to demonstrate applications and answer questions.
Cooper Power Systems |
Booth 3327

Insulation Testers

Megger introduces the new family of 5-kV and 10-kV insulation testers comprised of three analog/digital models.

MIT510: Base model with five pre-programmed test voltages (250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V and 5000 V); measures to 15 TΩ on the digital scale.

MIT520: Includes all the capability of the MIT510 plus the ability to step up the voltage in 10-V increments from 50 V to 1000 V and in 25-V increments beyond 1000 V; pass/fail alarm; includes automatic Polarization Index, Step Voltage, Dielectric Discharge and Dielectric Absorption Ratio tests; includes data storage (32 k) and downloading (RS232 or USB).

MIT1020: Includes pass/fail alarm and all the capability of the MIT520 plus a 10,000-V range and the ability to measure to 35 TΩ on the digital scale.
Megger |
Booth 2331

Lay-In Connectors

UTILCO's ClearTrax lay-in connectors are range-taking and feature easy lay-in installation of aluminum or copper conductors. They offer faster and safer connection, resulting from reduced cable manipulation during installation. Fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to ensure strength and conductivity, ClearTrax is clear plated for low contact resistance. Its compact body is designed from a single piece and is engineered for heat dissipation.
Booth 518

Cable Rejuvenation Fluid

Novinium will introduce Ultrinium 732 — a second-generation cable rejuvenation fluid for URD cable, which extends cable life 40 years. This product more than doubles the life of the first-generation product and is equal to the expected life of new cable. Cable rejuvenation typically costs less than half the cost of URD replacement.

Novinium completes all injection activities in a single visit — Single Switch — and leaves no soak tanks behind. Ultrinium 732 is fast acting and restores the cable to like-new conditions in as little as seven days. Novinium also matches the injection fluid formula and amount to your local conditions, insuring long cable life even in hot conditions.
Novinium |
Booth 961

Latching Switch Relay

The Latching Switch Relay from Electroswitch can be used for latching or reclosing and also can serve as a programming relay for a local or remote SCADA-compatible switch. Designed for use in the electric power industry, it can open, close and maintain up to 20 contacts (N/O and N/C). The unit's blade-and-terminal design allows for multiple decks and contacts, so it can be configured for a variety of specific applications. A maximum of 10 decks can be stacked, providing control of up to 40 independent contacts (2 N/O and 2 N/C contacts per deck) in a single device.
Booth 2321

EPRI Solutions

EPRI Solutions is a wholly owned, independently managed subsidiary of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). During the past decade, EPRI expanded its activities beyond its core business of collaborative research and development through the formation of taxable subsidiaries. In January 2005, EPRIsolutions Inc., EPRI PEAC Corp. and Primen Inc. were merged to form EPRI Solutions.

To support the critical needs of T&D engineering, operations and planning personnel, the EPRI Solutions team of internationally recognized T&D experts focuses on: improving reliability; leveraging monitoring data; optimizing maintenance and asset management; improving distribution planning and load research; and enhancing distribution system modeling and analysis.
Booth 1022

Medium-Voltage Terminations

Tyco Electronics announces an improved version of RAYCHEM TFT-E tool-free terminations. TFT-E elastomeric medium-voltage terminations are designed for 15-kV, 25-kV and 35-kV cold-shrink terminations and feature the newest development in cold applied material technology. With this new material technology, electrical utility engineers can expect an improvement in tracking erosion test performance (TERT) by up to three times over the previous generation TFT-E termination material. The elastomeric body provides improved shelf life and cold temperature recovery along with outstanding UV stability.
Tyco Electronics |
Booth 841

SF6 Gas Density Switch

Solon Manufacturing Co.'s Model Series 2TC SF6 Gas Density Switch is designed for use in all high-voltage circuit breakers applications. The compact size of the unit allows easy and convenient mounting in any orientation. The 2TC is available with an optional Integral Density Gauge, which provides a clear, visual indication of the gas density relative to the breaker fill pressure and set points.

The 2TC is economically ideal when monitoring individual SF6 tanks. Installing the 2TC on individual phases reduces the need for numerous plumbing connections and the potential for costly leak points.
Solon Manufacturing |
Booth 1609

Copper Wire

Sam Dong, a leading manufacturer of Oxygen-Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC), has been producing various types of insulated rectangular wires (Paper, Nomex, Kapton, etc.), enameled rectangular wires (magnet wire), DG and PG rectangular wires, continuously transposed conductors (CTC), and enameled round wires with single, double and triple coating since 1977 in South Korea.
Sam Dong Co. Ltd. |
Booth 3941

Wire and Cable

Southwire will feature SureSeal self-sealing 600-V UD cables that have gained a reputation for protecting direct-buried services from a variety of penetration problems. Stop by booth 4403 and experience the SureSeal technology. You'll be amazed at the enhancements made in self-sealing cables.
Southwire |
Booth 433

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