Aug. 1, 2001
Handheld Computer At Work Computers (AWC) introduces its Ranger 200C handheld computer, which features a large 320- by 240-pixel active matrix color touch-screen

Handheld Computer

At Work Computers (AWC) introduces its Ranger 200C handheld computer, which features a large 320- by 240-pixel active matrix color touch-screen display. The Ranger 200C's other high-performance features include: Windows CE 3.0 running on a 206 MHz StrongARM CPU with 64 MB of SDRAM and 128 MB of flash disk storage; integrated Ethernet LAN and USB; construction for resistance to damage from dropping, vibration, dust, corrosion and temperature; and a NiMH battery that provides more than 35 hours of continuous operation.

At Work Computers (AWC), 345 S.W. Avery Ave., Corvallis, Oregon 97333 U.S.
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Fiber-Optic Pulling Capstans

General Machine Products offers fiber-optic pulling capstans with drum diameters of 32 and 40 inches (81 and 102 cm), as well as the standard 25-inch (64-cm) drum. The additional sizes accommodate bending radius limitations of the largest fiber cable, and all three sizes are offered with and without torque limiters. The drums are constructed of aluminum alloy and allow long, straight-through, splice-free pulls. The capstans are compatible with standard pulling equipment.

General Machine Products, 3111 Old Lincoln Hwy, Trevose, Pennsylvania 19053-4996 U.S.
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Coatings Solutions

Watson Coatings offers coatings solutions for aerial lifts and fiberglass booms with a high solids urethane, TP401HS, which protects from electrical leakage, UV radiation and moisture damage. The one-coat system applies directly to fiberglass and steel without the need for a primer.

Watson Coatings Inc., 325 Paul Ave., P.O. Box 35067, St. Louis, Missouri 63135 U.S.
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Inspection Software

EPRI's Transmission Inspection & Maintenance (TIM) System V3.0 collects, maintains and analyzes line inspection and maintenance data. The technology aims to make overhead transmission line inspections more accurate and efficient. The system uses a graphic interface that simplifies data input, decreases inspection and recording time, and reduces recording errors. Its computer-based design for recording and saving information offers access to previous inspection and line repair history.

EPRI, 2000 L St. N.W., Suite 805, Washington, D.C. 20036 U.S.
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Cable Positioner

The Distribution Cable Positioner from attaches to a suitable bracket to support the cable at the transition of overhead to underground service. The aluminum positioner is for use on 0.75 to 3 inches (2 to 8 cm) OD cable.

Hubbell Power Systems Inc., 210 North Allen, Centralia, Missouri 65240 U.S.
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Switchmode Power Supplies

American Reliance announces its line of programmable SPS 1200-W programmable Switchmode Power Supplies (SPS). The SPS 1200-W line offers the master/slave capability as a standard option and features increased wattage and the ability to control up to 31 individual slave units through one master unit. This configuration results in one GPIB address, the ability to manage multiple outputs through one controller, and simplified and flexible programming.

American Reliance Inc., 11801 Goldring Rd., Arcadia, California 91006 U.S.
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Protective Meter Covers

Ekstrom Industries' poly-carbonate meter protective covers provide meter visibility and protection from vandalism. The clear covers, made of heavy-gauge polycarbonate, replace metal protective covers that interfere with radio-frequency signals.

Ekstrom Industries Inc., 23847 Industrial Park Dr., Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335 U.S.
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Energy Management Software

Power Measurement announces ION Enterprise Web-enabled software, designed to help energy suppliers, service providers and consumers with the quality, reliability and cost of their electricity. The software offers a combination of energy information and control capabilities that can address needs ranging from billing, load aggregation and cost allocation, to power-quality management and distributed generation. It leverages communications infrastructures including Internet, Ethernet, telephone and wireless.

Power Measurement Ltd., 2195 Keating Cross Rd., Saanichton, British Columbia V8M 2A5 Canada
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Information Management System

Invensys Process Systems' newest version of AIM*AT (AIMstar AT) plant information management system features new capabilities. Version 3.1 comprises a collection of integrated historian, analysis, desktop visualization and data-connectivity software to aid real-time management and decision-support. It enables users to compare batches or other time-sequence-process operations in visual format. Its new capabilities include: concurrent user licenses; export to Oracle database; disk optimizer, batch browser, supervisory control, high-performance WonderLink and operator data display.

Invensys Process Systems, 33 Commercial St., Foxboro, Massachusetts 02035 U.S.
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Asian Language Software

Brady Signmark of the Brady Corp. introduces its MarkWare FE 1.0, an Asian language version of its popular Make-It-Yourself safety and facility identification software. MarkWare FE is designed to work with Signmark's line of Make-It-Yourself systems. Brady developed the MareWare FE to assist companies with standardizing their safety and facility identification programs. It can be installed on a standard PC running Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT, and it is compatible with the Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions of these operating systems.

Brady Corp., P.O. Box 2999, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201 U.S.
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Geodatabase Support

Safe Software has added support for ESRI's geodatabase data format, which enables data to be loaded into a geodatabase format from more than 80 different data formats supported by Safe's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) products. Data held in the geodatabase also can be exported into any of these data formats. The geodatabase is available with Safe's FME, FME Objects and SpatialDirect solutions.

Safe Software Inc., Suite 2017, 7445 132nd St., Surrey, British Columbia V3W 1J8 Canada
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Capacitor Racks

Maysteel introduces its SmartBank Pole-Mounted Capacitor Rack unit as a way to add capacitance to a distribution feeder. The SmartBank assemblies have a range of standard features, including pre-wired junction boxes, wildlife-protected bushing terminals and high-voltage wires and welded aluminum or galvanized steel racks. Remote capacitor switching is provided by oil or vacuum switches.

Maysteel Electric Utility Products & Enclosures, N90 W14507 Commerce Dr., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53052-1240 U.S.
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Pay-offs and Take-ups

Pops Enterprises' line of pay-offs and take-ups are self-contained units designed for power cable installation. The units are capable of lifting and driving reels up to 60,000 lb (27,216 kg) with a pull force of 30,000 lb (13,608 kg). The hydraulically driven units handle high-voltage reels for onsite cable installations and can be used for transporting reels to the site. The pay-offs/take-ups can be affixed to a float to allow mobility of the unit.

Pops Enterprises, 191 Caldari Rd., Unit 8, Concord, Ontario L4K 4A1 Canada
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Flexible Conduit System

Adaptaflex announces its large diameter, flexible, nonmetallic conduit system. The system is designed for applications that must provide protection for an increased number of cables or where the sensitive cabling must travel to remote-control panels away from the machine. The lightweight nonmetallic system offers halogen-free, low fire hazard conduit, and a range of fitting options, which includes an elbow coupler that provides a tight bend radius around corners.

Adaptaflex, Icore International Inc., Industrial Products, 3780 Flightline Dr., Santa Rosa, California 95403-8227 U.S.
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Electroswitch Corp.'s Series 24 family of manual and remotely operated switches now has a Smart Nameplate featuring one, two or three replaceable LED indicators. Flexible circuitry allows the LEDs to be wired to indicate user-defined events. Models can monitor breaker trip coils and provide annunciation either locally (visual) or remotely through SCADA.

Electroswitch Corp., 180 King Ave., Weymouth, Massachusetts 02188 U.S.
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Mobile Solution

Autodesk OnSite mobile solution provides remote access to digital design and mapping data. It enables detailed design drawings and maps to be accessed and marked up from anywhere, anytime. The OnSite solution is comprised of an Autodesk OnSite View 2 and Autodesk OnSite Enterprise 2.

Autodesk Inc. Worldwide Headquarters, 111 McInnis Parkway, San Rafael, California 94903 U.S.
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Bucket Truck Mat

Soft-Mat is an anti-fatigue matting for bucket trucks, molded from Nitrile foam compound. The mats are nonabsorbent, oil-resistant and soft (50 durometer). The mat aids circulation in legs and gives relief of lower back pain, aching joints and leg fatigue caused by prolonged standing and accentuated by cold weather.

Work Accessories Inc., 4758 Ridge Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44144 U.S.
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LED Flashlight

The Mini-FlashLED Pocket Flashlight is LEDtronics' newest addition to its line of high-powered LED flashlights. It integrates a 5mm (0.2-inch) LED lamp, anodized aluminum casing and a cabochon lens that optimizes light intensity. The lens design enables one LED to appear five times brighter than an equivalently driven 4-LED cluster lamp and the Mini-FlashLED operates up to 257 hours before replacement is necessary.

LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, California 90505 U.S.
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Boom Lift

Bronto Skylift's truck-mounted SI-178HDT insulated boom lift features an auto-leveling outrigger system. The out-riggers can be deployed and the unit leveled automatically in less than 30 seconds. The boom has a 178-ft (54-m) working height and a 70-ft (21-m) horizontal reach as well as the capability of being short-jacked. Unrestricted platform capacity is 1000 lb (454 kg), allowing the platform to hold workers and accessory equipment.

Bronto Skylift, 251 City View Rd., Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 U.S.
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