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Dec. 1, 2004
Shorter-Handle Ratchet for Utility Applications Wright Tool Co. has introduced a shorter-handle -inch drive ratchet that addresses multi-application needs

Shorter-Handle Ratchet for Utility Applications

Wright Tool Co. has introduced a shorter-handle ½-inch drive ratchet that addresses multi-application needs of utility linemen. The model 4401 ratchet is especially suited for utility work because its shorter handle enables workers to operate in restricted space areas.

The ratchet's black nitrile comfort grip handle enables maximum control with easy and comfortable gripping when wearing gloves. In addition, the nitrile grip material prevents marring or chipping of surfaces and breaking of utility globes.

The tool's compact round head has 45 teeth. Because of its double-pawl design, it provides 90-tooth action on 4.5 degree of arc. The double-pawl design is a standard feature that allows for greater efficiency and smoother ratcheting action with less effort.

The shorter-handle ratchet is 8¼-inches long and has a 1⅝-inch head diameter. Its swing arc is 1¼ inches.

Wright Tool, P.O. Box 512, Barberton, Ohio 44203 U.S.;
Circle 276 on Reader Service Card or visit

6-inch Right Angle Grinder

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. introduces a new 6-inch Right Angle Grinder with a powerful 1.9-hp, 11-A motor for mechanical contractors, boiler makers, pipe/steam fitters, welders and metal fabricators and general and heavy contractors. The new grinder has tachometer feedback that provides constant speed and power under load to optimize cutting and grinding.

The model 6160-20 6-inch Right Angle Grinder has overload protection that helps prevent overheating and motor failure. It also is designed with soft-start, which reduces start-up torque and provides improved gear life. The tool's paddle-style switch provides optimal comfort and operator control. Grinder users prefer a paddle-style switch and it is often required on major job sites.

In addition, Milwaukee has included an easily adjustable, tool-free, five-position guard allowing for fast guard adjustments. It also has a three-position side handle for maximum control and comfort during cutting and grinding applications. The tool features high air flow directed through four exhaust vents for cooler running and longer motor life and comes with one Type 27 6-inch by 0.45-inch abrasive cut-of wheel and side handle.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., 13135 West Lisbon Rd., Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 U.S.;
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Magnetic-Tip, Hollow-Shaft Nut Drivers

Klein Tools has added eight magnetic tip, hollow-shaft nut drivers to its line of professional hand tools. Each new nut driver features a powerful Rare Earth magnetic tip, which holds fasteners securely in place, allowing the user to easily turn nuts with just one hand. Designed especially for driving nuts on long bolts, studs and screws, the hollow-shaft tool is perfect for working on electrical and HVAC/R panels, as well as stacked circuit boards

Other standard Klein features on the Rare Earth magnetic tip nut drivers include cushion-grip handles for greater torque and comfort; color-coded handle ends for quick identification of hex size; chrome-plated shafts to prevent corrosion; and internal flanges for solid, twist-resistant shaft anchors

The nut drivers are available in ¼- and 5/16-inch hex sizes, as well as four shaft lengths from stubby to super-long: 1½, 3, 6 and 18 inches. Two-piece sets are available for the 1½-, 3- and 6-inch shaft nut drivers.

Klein Tools, P.O. Box 599033, Chicago, Illinois 60659-9033 U.S.;
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Electropneumatic Hammer Drill

The cordless Hilti TE 2-A 24-V Electropneumatic Hammer Drill, a complement to the 36-V TE 6-A Rotary Hammer, provides more drilling performance, drilling capacity and a longer lifetime than many battery drills.

Customers will see the most benefit with the TE 2-A when drilling anchor holes in concrete from 3/16 to ⅜ inches, the optimum drilling range of the tool. The TE 2-A also provides versatility with the capacity for drilling up to ½-inch holes in wood, ⅜-inch holes in steel and up to ⅝-inch holes in concrete. With its innovative gear efficiency, battery and charging technology, the TE 2-A runs longer and more consistently to allow contractors more holes per charge. The TE 2-A is available with two battery options: a 3.0 amp-hour nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or a 2.0 amp-hour nickel cadmium (NiCd). With a 50% longer run time, the NiMH battery is ideal for serial applications. The C7/36 Smart Charger with ACS active cooling and auto refresh, which comes standard with the 3.0 amp-hour NiMH battery, provides the fastest charging time and adds up to 20% to battery life.

A range of accessories, including a belt adapter, keyed and keyless chucks and the Hilti TE-CX bits, are available for use with the TE 2-A.

Hilti Inc., P.O. Box 21148, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74121 U.S.;
Circle 279 on Reader Service Card or visit

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