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Aug. 1, 2005
Right-Angle Drill Attachment Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. introduces a new heavy-duty Right Angle Drill (RAD) attachment that allows contractors to get

Right-Angle Drill Attachment

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. introduces a new heavy-duty Right Angle Drill (RAD) attachment that allows contractors to get into tight spaces and drill holes or drive screws quickly and easily. The RAD attachment (Model 49-22-8510) is ideal for cordless 2.4-V or larger drills and fits any ¼-inch or larger chuck. It is compact, measuring only 2 inches wide to allow it to fit into tight spaces.

The high-torque capabilities of the RAD attachment handles enough power to drill and drive most accessories. With the ability to control up to 235 inch-lb of torque, the Milwaukee RAD attachment surpasses most corded and cordless RAD tools available today. The RAD accepts ¼-inch hex drive accessories including screwdriver bits, hex drive bits, twist drill bits, flat boring bits, extensions and chuck adapters.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

Rugged MobilairTools

Kaeser Compressors Inc. offers a complete new line of air tools that includes paving breakers, rock drills, rivet busters, trench diggers, chipping hammers and backfill tampers. These heavy-duty tools are ideally suited for the tough site conditions today's electric utility crews face.

The star of Kaeser's new line is our new ergonomic paving breakers. Available in 50-, 60- and 90-lb models, these tools offer reduced fatigue, increased productivity and lower noise levels without compromising performance. These and all of Kaeser's MobilairTools are manufactured from top-quality raw materials. The valves, pistons and other moving parts are made from shock-resistant tool steels and are heat treated to a specified Rockwell hardness for toughness and durability.
Kaeser Compressors Inc.

Conduit Adhesive

American Polywater's new BonDuit Conduit Adhesive is a high-strength sealant for bonding polyethylene, PVC, fiberglass, metals and composites. It bonds polyethylene to PVC couplings, transition couplings, aboveground conduit, steel sweeps and elbows, and other fiberglass or composite connections. The product works great for connecting underground conduit to your risers going up the pole. Bonduit also can be used to make splice boxes watertight. Bonduit Adhesive creates strong airtight and watertight splices. Bonds are durable with high tensile strength within an hour. The strong bonds withstand movement and vibration.

BonDuit Adhesive requires no special training and minimal labor. Total installation time is less than 5 minutes. Convenient kit contains all materials to make the connection.
American Polywater Corp.

Bulb-Changing Tool

Sticky Fingers is the three-in-one tool for bulb changing, checking photo controls and removing broken bulbs. This lineman-designed multiuse tool takes the place of multiple tools. This lamp-changing device grips lamps and bulbs firmly for easy installation and removal. It fits bulb sizes from 75 W to 400 W. The all-stainless steel and aluminum construction is durable, rustproof and includes a five-year warranty. The bulb remover and photo control tester attach easily to the bulb changer to give you three tools in one to be used with any universal extension pole.
American Safety Utility Corp.

Dead Blow Hammer

Nupla's new Nupla-Cast urethane power drive dead blow hammer line represents the finest industrial-grade dead blow hammers in the world and is the choice of professionals for the most demanding applications.

The patented shot-loaded composite interior cavities are encased in a tough polymer outer jacket, resulting in 40% more driving power and less rebound than any hammer of its kind. Featuring 100% cast polyurethane faces, these hammers are designed to withstand the most severe striking applications. Nupla-Cast urethane power drive dead blow hammers are available in a wide range of weights and ergonomic grip designs.
Nupla Corp.

Cable Fault Locator

The Fault Wizard is an arc-reflection system that locates failures in medium- to high-voltage cables using a high-voltage impulse generator and a TDR system.

A TDR system contains a high-frequency, low-voltage pulse generator in combination with an oscilloscope. The TDR pulse is sent down the cable, and the voltage reflection (echo) from the cable is recorded as a waveform. The arc-reflection technology “thumps” the de-energized cable to produce an arc at the fault point and simultaneously send a TDR pulse down the cable to reflect off of the arc.

The time it takes for the TDR pulse to travel down the cable to the arc and return is used to calculate the distance to the arc. Arc-reflection systems work best on shielded cable, because a low-resistive return path is needed for the TDR pulse to see the arc.
Innovative Utility Products Corp.

Truck-Mounted Winch

The new 16.5ti Thermometric Self-Recovery Winch features the full diagnostic ability of WARN Thermometric technology plus a new efficient design that delivers faster line speeds and lower amp draw. It's beefed up where needed and features a new aluminum solenoid housing cover, not to mention 90 ft of aircraft-grade, 7/16-inch wire rope.

The three-stage planetary gear train is a heavy-duty carrier constructed of high-strength alloy. Improved solenoid layout offers more efficiency, lowering amp draw.

The 16.5ti is compatible with WARN mounting kits designed for the M15000 winch and integrates cleanly with the WARN Trans4mer and newer vehicle styling. Thermometric indicator LED on the hand-held remote provides operator feedback on motor temperature. Extreme-duty winch-sealing system provides resistance and features radial contact drum seals, motor and end housing gaskets.
Warn Industries Inc.

Boiler Tube Expander (ESCO)

Esco MILLHOG Tube Expanders and Rolling Motors feature precise torque control from 25 to 325 ft.-lbs. to provide the proper amount of expansion required to ensure a tight, uniform bond between the tube O.D. and tube sheet. Pneumatically powered, they are supplied as kits with flare-straight and straight expanders and adjustable collars; complete with a 6 ft. hose whip, an in-line air filter, oiler, quick-disconnect couplings and tools.

Offered in five different kits to accommodate tubes from 1 ¼- to 4 ¼-inch O.D. and varying gauges for tube sheet thicknesses to 5-⅜", Esco MILLHOG® Tube Expanders and Rolling Motors are suitable for any type of tube material, including stainless steel. They let operators quickly and automatically control tube expansion and tube wall reduction to create tight tube joints.

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