Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham Makes Urgent Call for Collaboration to Address National Energy Challenges, Avoid Consequences

May 12, 2010
Eaton Corporation Convened Federal, State and Local Leaders at Austin Symposium to Highlight Ways to Conserve and Effectively Manage Energy Resources AUSTIN, Texas--The United States faces serious consequences if it continues current energy ...
Eaton Corporation Convened Federal, State and Local Leaders at Austin Symposium to Highlight Ways to Conserve and Effectively Manage Energy Resources

AUSTIN, Texas--The United States faces serious consequences if it continues current energy consumption without developing alternative energy sources, new technology and increased efficiency, according to former U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, who served as the keynote speaker at an energy symposium today in Austin, Texas.

“We face serious energy management challenges on a number of fronts,” said Secretary Abraham. “We won't be able to address these challenges without the kind of collaboration between the public and private sectors that this conference seeks to achieve.”

The event, the second in a series of nationwide events, was hosted by Eaton Corporation (NYSE: ETN) as part of its continuing effort to provide leaders from the public sector and industry with the tools they need to navigate rapidly evolving needs for improved energy management. Eaton, which has nearly 400 employees in Texas, and works with local customers, including Austin Energy, The University of Texas at Austin and Dell, offers a wide array of energy management products and solutions in the areas of renewable energy, high- performance green buildings, hybrid and advanced vehicle technology, and energy efficiency.

State Senator Kirk Watson delivered closing remarks at the half-day event, and a deep bench of local and state experts, including State Rep. Solomon Ortiz, City of Austin Council Member Randi Shade and Brewster McCracken, executive director of the Pecan Street Project, provided in-depth and lively commentary on hot topics ranging from hybrid electric vehicles to green buildings.

“Texas is a global energy leader, and Austin is a leader in energy conservation and management,” said State Senator Kirk Watson. “Dialogues like the one Eaton hosted today about managing energy efficiently are critical for our city, our state and our nation's future. The environmental and energy challenges we face will only be solved through collaborative efforts like this between the public and private sectors. Working together and aided by the power of technology and innovation, we will find a way toward a cleaner, more efficient and greener future.”

In addition to providing insights into the prospects of passage of a comprehensive energy bill, Secretary Abraham also pointed to initiatives such as Building STAR, supported by Democrats and Republicans in Congress, a broad coalition of trade associations, labor groups, environmental organizations, and businesses including Eaton, which would help decrease carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and create jobs.

“Energy is not a Republican or Democratic issue,” said Secretary Abraham. “It's an American issue. We have to set aside our differences and work collaboratively toward a greener, cleaner and more energy efficient future. Companies like Eaton are leading the way, moving the United States from discussion into action when it comes to better managing, developing and conserving our precious energy resources.”

Thomas S. Gross, vice chairman and chief operating officer, Electrical Sector, welcomed the audience, saying, “The concept of sustainability is now at the tipping point. No longer do the public sector and industry view green initiatives as simply the right thing to do. Given growing budgetary pressures and an emphasis on increased efficiency, sustainability makes good economic sense. Central Texas and Austin are helping to lead the way in sustainability and energy efficiency, and Eaton is proud to be a part of this effort.”

Eaton will host the third in its series of energy events in Chicago on June 7, 2010. More information can be found at

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