SOS Intl and PReP Intl Announce New Ownership

Dec. 6, 2012
Two Companies Providing Training, Compliance and Staffing to the Energy Industry Make Changes to Pursue New Directions CHARLOTTE, N.C. November 26, 2012 – Rocky Sease, CEO of SOS Intl LLC and Matt Sadinsky, CEO of PReP Intl LLC have purchased each ...
Two Companies Providing Training, Compliance and Staffing to the Energy Industry Make Changes to Pursue New Directions

CHARLOTTE, N.C. November 26, 2012 – Rocky Sease, CEO of SOS Intl LLC and Matt Sadinsky, CEO of PReP Intl LLC have purchased each other’s corporate shares. Sease now owns 100% of SOS Intl and Sadinsky owns 100% of PReP Intl (Prequalified Ready Employees for Power Intl).

These transactions, effective as of October 1, 2012 enable Sease and Sadinsky to pursue their own visions as CEOs and sole owners of SOS Intl ( and PReP Intl ( respectively.

SOS Intl specializes in compliance consulting and training services related to NERC Reliability Standards and is a NERC-approved continuing education provider. SOS has trained more than 11,000 system operators, engineers, and power marketers in 1100+ utilities across North America.

Founded by Sadinsky and Sease in 2002, SOS was created to provide training for system operators, the men and women who run the North American power grid. As NERC standards and requirements continued to develop, SOS expanded to meet escalating client needs related to compliance and readiness. SOS is the only company offering comprehensive solutions around NERC training, NERC compliance and improving business operations.

Sease, SOS CEO, is a Clemson University graduate and has more than 30 years in the electric utility industry and experience in virtually every aspect of operations including generation, transmission, distribution, and customer service operations. Sease assumed the role of CEO at SOS Intl on January 1, 2009.

Sadinsky and Sease founded PReP Intl in 2009 to respond to an emerging lack of talent qualified to fill the funnel of system operators, engineers and power marketers headed toward retirement. The vision at PReP Intl was to address the way candidates are sourced and staffed and to develop an effective way to assure prequalified talent is ready when needed. Access to prequalified talent is key to assuring reliability of the grid. PReP Intl offers scope of work contracts for interim placement, talent development and direct hire. Sadinsky assumed the role of CEO when PReP Intl was founded on January 1, 2009.

Matt Sadinsky is a Cornell University graduate with 30 years of change and organizational development (OD) experience leading the human resources/OD functions in several learning organizations. PReP Intl uses SOS training and state-of-the-art assessment, sourcing, development and hiring processes to prequalify and prepare veterans, recent graduates and professionals to work in energy organizations.

About SOS Intl:

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., SOS Intl is a leading provider of training and consulting to the power industry. SOS rigorously tracks and interprets NERC Reliability Standards and expertly translates them into customized education and compliance consulting, helping to manage risk and ensure reliability for the North American power grid.

SOS offers classroom and online courses, accompanied by sophisticated computer simulation. All are designed using the latest systematic approach to training, as required by NERC. Since 2002, SOS has provided NERC-approved continuing education and compliance consulting to thousands of employees of the Bulk Electric System across the United States and Canada.

About PReP Intl:

PReP Intl offers talent management and organization development consulting, assessment, staffing and recruiting services in response to the wave of pending retirements and changing careers in the energy industry. PReP Intl helps clients effectively manage risk with cost-effective staffing and in-the-cloud talent management solutions. PReP Intl brings energy companies the most capable and experienced talent, including hard-to-source NERC Certified System Operators. Across PReP Intl clients, experience has shown that prequalifying talent with the “right stuff,” makes all the difference in ROI, effective training, professional and team performance.

Using an extensive global network from its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., PReP Intl connects professionals, veterans, energy organizations, educational institutions and associations to reduce the risks and costs of recruiting, hiring and maintaining compliance.


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