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NYPA Authorizes Nearly $16 Million for Enhanced IT and Cyber Security Measures

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) announced the authorization of nearly $16 million in funding for two major information technology initiatives. The first is targeted for hybrid computer storage and is designed to cover several Life Extension and Modernization measures to refresh and sustain data center infrastructure as well as wired and wireless networking technologies; the second initiative is designed to bolster existing cybersecurity measures to protect NYPA from constantly evolving threats. The NYPA Board of Trustees recently authorized the funding.

The initiatives are tied to NYPA’s goal to become the nation’s first end‑to‑end digital utility through the digitization of all equipment and processes from the point of power generation through its delivery.

“The Power Authority’s drive to become a fully digital utility by 2020 brings with it a demand to meet the ever-growing needs within the organization for information technology services,” says Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO. “The funding will support a crucial computer storage system and enable us to build cybersecurity into everything we do every step of the way.”

The funding will support a comprehensive five-year Cloud Storage Program designed to support the implementation, life-extension and modernization of the enterprise computer storage systems. The cyber security measures will take a holistic approach and focus on new segmentation solutions while enhancing visibility, monitoring and security at all layers from operational systems all the way to the cloud.

“As technology evolves it remains imperative to stay current with industry trends and to anticipate the impact these developments will have on business processes and operations,” says Robert Piascik, NYPA senior vice president and chief information officer for Information Technology and Cyber Security. “In order to support NYPA’s digital vision, we must consider the dynamic landscape among the many competing challenges and opportunities that affect the digital landscape.”

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