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Tennessee Valley Authority Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal (SMART) Station Project

This report documents the base design for a Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal (SMART) station. The base design is for a 10-space public vehicle charging facility, incorporating a solar photovoltaic array/canopy with battery storage. Many of the design recommendations are based on the system design experience of Eaton Corp. in related energy applications and cover safety compliance and field integration.

The design effort was conducted not only to develop a base design that can be used by other entities working to provide similar infrastructure, but also to investigate the opportunities and issues such a system presents. The design also allowed such elements as the feasibility and cost of modularity to be explored for a fully engineered system.

Volume 1 of this document discusses the base design effort. Volume 2 is planned to follow construction of the first system to document the build experience. (Read more...)

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