Electric vehicle charging

Plugging In: A Consumer's Guide to the Electric Vehicle

Late in 2010 the first mass-produced electric vehicles hit dealer showrooms, bringing car buyers a new, electric option. Electric cars offer performance, safety and versatility and can be charged from the electric grid, providing convenient, low- cost, at-home charging.

At the U.S. national average price of 11.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, buying electricity is approximately equivalent to buying gasoline at $1 per gallon. Displacing gasoline with electricity also lowers emissions and decreases petroleum use. On a typical day half of all drivers log 25 miles or less, so electric vehicles – if widely adopted – could reduce petroleum fuel consumption by 70 to 90%.

One challenge for consumers is to understand their driving needs and how each vehicle option can meet their specific requirements. Here are the three options and some essential points for buyers to know about each...(Read more...)

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