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Eversource Ready to Bring Smart Meters to Connecticut Customers

Oct. 19, 2023
Advanced Meter Infrastructure captures information to improve service to customers and increase energy savings.

As Eversource continues to modernize the electric system to increase reliable service and benefits for its customers, the energy company is focusing on investing in Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI). AMI smart meters provide several new capabilities that enable customers to better understand and control their energy use and bill. The new technology also provides automatic, real-time information to Eversource when a power outage happens, eliminating the need for customers to report the outage and enabling the company to respond and restore the power interruption more quickly outside of a major storm.

“In the world of electric meters, this is like replacing an old flip phone with a smart phone,” said Senior Vice President of Customer Operations, Digital Strategy and Chief Customer Officer Jared Lawrence. “These smart meters are far more advanced, functional, and useful to both customers and the company.  They enable customers to see their usage information in real time—including how they use power, how much they use and at what times of the day—giving them the ability to take steps to reduce their energy consumption and bill.”

Eversource’s proposal has multiple aims, leading with the need to balance smart meter implementation with customer affordability, the need for “ready and willing” collaboration among all stakeholders to maximize the benefits of the program, and the recognition that this technology serves the state well in reaching its goals to fight the devastating effects of climate change.  With the current electric meters across the state nearing the end of their useful life, conditions are favorable to engaging on the quickest, efficient pathway to accomplish these goals for Connecticut customers. The energy company started implementing AMI in Massachusetts earlier this year and is prepared to work with regulators to make this program a reality for Connecticut customers.  

“We’re excited to bring this technology to our Connecticut customers,” added Lawrence. “We are ready, we have the expertise and the team to do it and we look forward to finalizing a plan with PURA to roll this out to our customers here, so they can begin benefiting from it like our customers in Massachusetts soon will.” 

The AMI technology also paves the way for Eversource to collaborate with PURA and other regulated electric operations companies to establish a new rate structure that would allow for costs to be based on peak times and lower usage periods. Customers would also be able to set usage and bill alerts, letting them know when their bill reaches a certain dollar amount or a certain kWh usage, so the customer could adjust accordingly.  

Visit the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) page to learn more about the technology and proposal.

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