Test Your Knowledge: Are You Prepared For Grid Threats?

March 12, 2018
Test your knowledge on system integrity issues by answering the following questions

FERC recently announced a new proceeding on the resiliency of the bulk power system (see releases here: This will flow over to all parts of our interconnected grid. Test your knowledge on system integrity issues by answering the following questions:

  • Are the intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), relays and controls at substations (T&D) on your system vulnerable due to your communication networks?
  • Is your system equipped with sufficient backup or recovery transformers?
  • Is your company coordinating with energy storage and distributed energy systems (DERs) on your system to jointly prepare for system disturbances?
  • Has your organization shared and trained all relevant staff on emergency measures that may be needed to increase the emergency power flow on key T&D circuits? 
  • Do you have survivability plans to ensure communication with customers, traffic signals, prisons, hospitals, and cell phones stay on line or recover almost immediately even when hit with a major event?
  • Are all key T&D circuits being operated near their capacity such that reserve transfer capacity is not available in the event of a major line loss?
  • Do you have a Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) or similar high-voltage power electronic-based controllers on your system to quickly react to man-made or natural disturbances?
  • Does your organization have access to a Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS) that can provide real-time network information across a wide geographical area to detect abnormal system conditions as they arise?

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