T&D World Minute with Rick Bush: Electric Industry Survey

Jan. 12, 2018
A much-awaited survey is in

I always look forward to the survey results provided by Black and Veatch.

The outcome of interviewing more than 500 qualified utility, municipal, commercial and community stakeholders makes this the definitive survey in T&D. Reliability came in as they number one issue to be addressed with 73% of the respondents categorizing it as very important. Surprisingly, cybersecurity has moved up to no. 2 with 61% of respondents stating that cybersecurity issues were very important at their utility. Rounding out  the top five were aging infrastructure at 47%, environmental regulation at 44% and long term investment strategies at 43%

These numbers were influenced by significant ongoing changes in the industry space - the proliferation of renewable energy and changing regulatory strategies, all while navigating familiar but pressing challenges related to reliability and resilience.

This has been a T&D Minute.

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