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Chile's Grupo SAESA to Implement Asset Management Solution

March 10, 2020
Grupo SAESA to modernize asset inspection and maintenance of the Chilean power grid asset base with Optelos.

Optelos recently announced that Grupo SAESA, a leader in the electricity sector in Chile, is implementing Optelos' digital enterprise asset management solution to modernize asset inspection and maintenance of the Chilean power grid asset base.

Grupo SAESA operates, maintains, and inspects thousands of miles of transmission and distribution (T&D) lines across Chile. Optelos' data management and AI computer vision solution allows Grupo SAESA to geolocate and analyze all assets quickly — mapping problem areas for remediation, reducing time to resolution, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing cost.

The key drivers of the decision to choose Optelos are defined in SAESA's mission and vision, "In the next four years, the SAESA Group must implement a disruptive change in its business, reaching a new standard in service quality and significantly strengthening its relationship with customers. The company must successfully implement the projects of New Technical Standard and Intelligent Measurement, ensuring leadership in occupational safety in the industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country, delivering reliable and safe energy."

In announcing Grupo SAESA's decision, Kevin McKeand, Optelos CEO, said, "We are extremely pleased Grupo SAESA has chosen Optelos as the data management, reality modeling and AI computer vision cornerstone for digital transformation of inspection and management for their transmission business. Clearly a project of this scope requires a solution capable of delivering enterprise scalability and reliability to meet the needs of the entire country. Optelos is the only solution in the market Grupo SAESA deemed capable of managing a critical asset base of this magnitude.

"The Optelos solution was optimized using patented technology, to rapidly transform unstructured images from drones and other sources including legacy asset data, into easily usable, searchable, and shareable visualizations and models that aid in the inspection and management of any, and all, enterprise assets. The Optelos solution is extensible, offering enterprises an opportunity to leverage the power of AI and enterprise system interoperability to further operationalize all aspects of digital asset inspection and management. For Grupo SAESA, this includes all assets involved in the transmission of energy across a large part of Chile."

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