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ABB Voltage Conditioning System Helps Mongolia Dairy Solve Power Quality Issues

Sept. 12, 2022
ABB PCS100 AVC-40 Active Voltage Conditioning system helps one of China’s main dairy producers keep processes running smoothly.

A Chinese dairy producer has chosen ABB's PCS100 AVC-40 Active Voltage Conditioning system to serve a facility in Mongolia.

China’s dairy product market has grown to more than $70 billion as demand continues to rise strongly in urban areas. Maximizing productivity is a priority for producers and voltage sags are a common cause of production issues, even with the most modern of power networks.

Dairy production is particularly vulnerable to this issue as producers must precisely track milk temperature throughout the ultra-heat treatment (UHT) sterilization and filling processes. If a power system disturbance takes temperature sensors offline, an entire production batch must be discarded.

“One dairy customer was experiencing around 15 voltage sags per year causing regular production shutdowns and significant losses in their sterilization and filling processes,” says Kenny Huang, Product and Marketing Manager – Power Conditioning, China. “It takes more than four hours to get production back online and the estimated economic cost each time of the labor and lost produce can reach 200,000 RMB (USD 30,000), so eliminating these events was a real priority. We understood the essential importance of reliable power quality and offered the customer a way to take control of the situation.”

ABB partnered with local specialist Beijing Qiyun Electronic Technology Co Ltd on the project. Hongru Lu, Beijing Qiyun’s Food & Beverage industry sales director, said: “ABB’s PCS AVC devices help end-users solve serious power quality problems. They are also very low maintenance, reducing workload for site engineers, operational costs, and the total cost of ownership.”

The PCS100 AVC-40 protects up-time and productivity with instant voltage sag and surge correction. 

Designed by ABB to meet the higher demands of industrial and large commercial applications, the PCS100 AVC-40 can handle conditions that conventional systems cannot. Its design and overload capability are complemented by a redundant internal bypass system that ensures the utility continues to supply the load.

Its low operating and ownership costs help make the return on investment faster. The PCS100 AVC-40 leads the industry with efficiency of more than 98 percent: its very low heat rejection minimizes electricity and cooling costs.

As the PCS100 AVC-40 draws the additional energy needed to correct voltage sags from the utility supply, batteries are not required, and the costs associated with their maintenance are removed. The system’s small footprint also makes it easy to fit into confined spaces, without the need to design and build added floor space.

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