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GE's Grid Solutions Business Wins New Contracts Worldwide

Sept. 12, 2019
GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business announced five major Static Var Compensator technology milestones and project wins in the first half of 2019.

Around the world, electrical transmission grids are facing increasing demand. Today, transmission systems are expected to carry bulk power in ways they were never originally designed to accommodate. For this reason, these systems are becoming increasingly complex – and GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business is rising to the occasion.

 Grid Integration Solutions, a division of GE’s Grid Solutions, has achieved five major milestones and project wins in the first half of 2019 for Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), specifically related to its Static Var Compensator (SVC) technologyGE’s patented SVC technology has provided solutions for grid constraints facing utility operators worldwide, and customers continue to turn to GE for new and upgraded FACTS and SVC projects. The Grid Integration Solutions division, comprised of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and FACTS technologies, designs and integrates transmission solutions that help meet the world’s ever-evolving power needs.

 “Static Var Compensator (SVC) solutions are a cost-effective and efficient means to provide dynamic voltage support and maintain the reliability and efficiency of power supply. These solutions are highly reliable, easy to integrate into both existing and new infrastructure, and reduce the costs of building new network extensions. GE manages the broadest SVC portfolio in the industry, which provides the data and experience necessary to support ongoing innovation in the field,” says Fabrice Jullien, Global FACTS Business Leader for Grid Integration Solutions, GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business. 

GE's grid innovations are helping customers to navigate an evolving energy landscape including:

  • Ascutney, Vermont, USA - VT Transco, Vermont’s transmission utility, selected GE’s SVC technology over other options.  The 115 kV connected SVC GE installed supplies from +50 Mvar to -25 Mvar to VT Transco’s network to improve reliability and voltage performance in the area.
  • Santa Barbara D’Oeste, Brazil - Operating at 440kV and supplying +/- 300 Mvar of power compensation, the SVC at Santa Barbara D’Oeste is one of the largest ever delivered by GE. 
  • Kurukshetra, India - The Power Grid Company of India recently selected GE to implement a 500kV, -500/0 Mvar SVC solution to reinforce the utility’s grid around newly-installed transmission infrastructure.  This will be GE’s first SVC designed and deployed on the transmission network in India.
  • Rød and Verdal, Norway – This project awarded to GE earlier this year is the largest SVC upgrade ever awarded by Statnett and will be one of the largest upgrades ever performed in the world.
  • Jeddah North, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Saudi Electricity Company recently put in service GE’s Main Reactor Design unique and patented solution, rated at -150/+300 Mvar – the sixth Main Reactor Design commissioned by GE – to provide fast voltage support and stabilize power across its regional network.

In commenting on the Jeddah North project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Saudi Electric spokesperson said, “This is our second SVC project to be implemented by GE.  The combination of advanced technology and the advantages achieved with their Main Reactor Design, as well as their project execution capability are key reasons that we have selected GE to carry out these projects.”

Most SVC technology providers only offer a limited set of traditional or classic designs. While these configurations have proven reliable in many applications, the world’s evolving energy landscape demands novel solutions.  In addition to providing classic SVC solutions, GE also has an exclusive offering referred to as the Main Reactor Design. The Main Reactor Design SVC improves both harmonics performance and footprint compared to the traditional designs, setting GE’s products apart from those of other SVC providers.

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