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GRID/2020 Launches Advanced Transformer Infrastructure

July 24, 2019
Advanced Transformer Infrastructure offers intra-grid information to operators to help to reduce power outages and maximize grid reliability.

GRID20/20, Inc., a distribution transformer monitoring solutions provider, has announced the release of Advanced Transformer Infrastructure. Its pioneering offering is designed to facilitate grid modernization within the United States, Ontario, Canada and abroad. 

“Advanced Transformer Infrastructure is the required next step to improve grid reliability and resilience," says Alan Snook, president of GRID20/20. “Our IoT turnkey solution provides operators with a much-needed technology to achieve critical intra-grid visibility.  In today’s world, grid modernization is no longer a luxury; it’s now a necessity."

Most distribution grids are comprised of transformer fleets now aged 25 to 40 years. They were never designed, nor conceived, to handle reverse energy impacts commonly introduced by distributed energy resources, according to the company, which can lead to costly grid reliability, safety and resilience concerns.  Escalating DER intra-grid impacts are virtually unknown by grid operators.

Additionally, multiple grid-edge developments like electric vehicle charging stations and ongoing power theft are introducing substantial unplanned demand onto the transformer fleets.  This unplanned demand, (i.e., loading, or overloading) occurs randomly throughout the grids. Operators typically have no idea where, when, or how much unplanned loading burden is occurring; setting the stage for reliability, safety and resilience issues.

Automated Alerts driven by GRID20/20's ATI solution enable utility operators to proactively identify existing issues being caused by both DER and grid-edge developments, and to foresee emerging intra-grid problems, Snook says. 

"Advanced Transformer Infrastructure delivers unique intra-grid information enabling operators to reduce power outages, lessen serious fire/wildfire risk and avoid damaging financial liability," Snook says. 

For more information, download the company's whitepaper

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