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Device Optimizes Smart Grid Operation and Maintenance

July 11, 2019
A traffic recorder designed for smart grids includes monitoring, filtering, triggering and recording capabilities.

Before smart grids, all the focus in a substation was on the electric signals. Now, with the digitalization of all those signals, utilities and integrators need new tools that allow them to audit and monitor the behavior of all the protections and circuit breakers in the new digital network, says Alicia Alonso, business development manager for RELYUM. The device also allows companies to monitor the behavior of the network itself. 

RELYUM has launched RELY-REC, a flexible solution with an embedded Web Manager tool for enhanced:

  • Networking: connected to a conventional Ethernet network or a high-availability network (PRP or HSR), with selectable NTP/PTP timestamp. 
  • Triggering: with configurable pre and post trigger, based on multiple combinations of input conditions (sensor input, logical alarms, synchronization loss, GOOSE and SMV values, etc.) for launching output actions like recording, mailing, SNMP traps and syslog events.
  • Recording: in an internal Industrial grade SSD disk, through two external ports that can be connected to Mirror ports or in TAP mode.
  • Filtering: through configurable filters for storage optimization and efficient monitoring, based on Wireshark semantic.
  • Monitoring: by simultaneous retrieving of standard PCAP files, compatible with most applications for IEC 61850 a Smart Grid analysis.

Additionally, RELY-REC is a small size, low consumption device designed for meeting the most demanding requirements, according to the standard IEC 61850, that can be installed without supervision in any critical facility, like power substations.

This combination of networking, triggering and recording features results in a powerful and cost-effective device, with direct impact in the operational cost of a smart grid.

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