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Solve This: Tripping Out

April 27, 2015
Todd "Ike" Kiefer wins this puzzle, with the first answer. Well done.

Joe, Moe, and Cloe, students at Grindemdown Polytechnic, are taking a summer break by taking an ocean cruise from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. Joe is a physics major, Moe is a student in Electrical Engineering and Cloe is getting her doctoral degree in Geology. The trio frequently enjoys solving physics, math and other science problems together, although each usually takes a different approach.

Soon after boarding the ocean liner and getting settled in their cabins, the three friends stand on deck in the bright sun as they enjoy an early informal lunch and discuss the trip ahead.

“How far to Vancouver I wonder?” mulls Joe. “I’ll go ask the steward”.

“No, no, no!” exclaims Cloe, “Let’s see if we can figure it out. Moe, give me that old slide rule you’ve always got hanging from your belt. And Joe, stand up straight! You’re always slouching!” (Cloe tended to mother the two young men a bit).

Soon after arriving in Vancouver, Cloe announced she had calculated the approximate distance between LA and Vancouver, Canada, without a map, computer, or reference book or asking anyone. She spent the entire trip secluded in her cabin working on her PhD dissertation.

Turns out her answer was surprisingly accurate. How did she do it?

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