Solve This: Holiday Hang-up

Jan. 27, 2014
Here's a little puzzle to ruminate on during a coffee break. Maybe you'll win a gift card! Give it your best shot in the comment section below. Enter as many times as you want. A $25 gift card will go to the first right answer. Another $25 winner will be selected from the other right answers. We need your email to send the gift card so make sure you're registered when you leave your comment in the box below.

Holiday Hang-up

Joe and Sam are linemen with the local electric utility, good friends and next door neighbors. On Christmas Eve Joe watches from his driveway as Sam loads up his car to take the family to church. Sam calls to Joe "Going to Christmas services?"

"Nah, not anymore", says Joe. "Religion is too dangerous for me."

"How so?" asks Sam

"It's a proven fact," Joe says with a smirk. "I just read that cities with more churches have more crimes, divorces and suicides."

Sam thinks for a moment and then smiles. "You're right, Joe. And I'll tell you why when we get back."

Why did Sam smile? What will he tell Joe later?

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