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FAQs What is the Fort Collins Experience Station?

FAQs What is the Fort Collins Experience Station?

Q: So just what is an Experience Station?

A: The City of Fort Collins, working with our vendor partners and T&D World created this site so you can experience this Smart Meter initiative just as if you were here.

Q: How did this Smart Grid Fort Collins initiative get off the ground?

A: Watch Videos from Karen Weitkunat, mayor of Fort Collins,  and Bill Ritter, former Governor of Colorado.

Q: Who are the major players?

A: Check out the video of Fort Collins’ Light & Power Manager, Steve Catanach, who shares how the city worked with key vendors as partners to tackle a quite ambitious build out.

Q: So is this Experience Station a WYSIWYG? (What you see is what you get?)

A: Definitely not! We will continue to add detail to this site which will ultimately include an overview of this Smart Meter Fort Collins project (sponsored by Elster)  along with three individual webinars that provide  specific project details.

Q: How can I get a snapshot of what is going on?

A: Check out the City of Fort Collins installation photo galleries.

Q: Will I need to search the web to find the rest of the story?

A: No need. We have included links to coverage from major news outlets and trade journals.

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