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CIGRÉ Set to Open in Paris

June 17, 2022
This International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems will be the first face-to face Session in CIGRÉ’s second century.

CIGRÉ’s Paris Session 2022 will again be held in Paris following the consecutive virtual conferences that were held in 2020 and 2021. This International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems will be the first face-to face Session in CIGRÉ’s second century. This unique biennial event held in the beautiful City of Lights regularly attracts a record number of key decision makers and experts from all sectors of the electricity industry from all corners of the globe. The anticipated attendance for this year’s six-day event is 9,000 industry specialists from more than 90 countries, with more than 300 exhibitors coming to the Exhibition. All the programmed CIGRÉ 2022 General Session activities will be staged in the Palais des Congrés, situated in northwest Paris on the edge of the Boulogne Woods and close to the Arc de Triomphe.

The electricity industry continues to face increasing demand for electrical energy, as globally, countries are working to reduce all aspects of environmental pollution. The generation, transmission and distribution of power is a capital-intensive business; traditionally, infrastructure assets have exceptionally long service lives, invariably exceeding their predicted design and economic life. More environmentally acceptable renewable energy resources have much shorter design lives and are proving to be equally as capital-intensive. Also, due to the natural intermittent patterns of generation, they continue to create a new range of operational problems for utilities. The increasing use of electric vehicles in order to comply with the established legislation to phase out the use of petrol and diesel vehicles is just another immediate major challenge facing all sectors of the industry.

CIGRÉ 2022 will address the actions being taken to address all of these major technical issues in addition to reporting on the development of the new technologies being used in the high-voltage transmission systems. These include the HVAC, HVDC and EHV subsea cables now being installed on international interconnections projects to maximize the utilization of energy resources. The wealth of expertise within the industry, however, remains focused on providing the solutions required to connect the estimated 1.2 billion people still without a power and existing consumers with an affordable and reliable supply of this life-transforming form of energy.

CIGRÉ 2022 Program 

The Opening Ceremony and Panel will be held on Sunday, Aug. 28, and will include an address by CIGRÉ President Michel Augonnet, followed by a Keynote Speech by Dr. Arshad Mansoor, CEO of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on ‘Resilient Decarbonization.’ 

The Technical Program, Monday, Aug. 29, to Thurs., Sept. 2, includes a daily group discussion meetings, which are the main part of the event, Tutorials, workshops and poster sessions will also be held. These are all linked to CIGRÉ’s 16 study committees who this year have collectively accepted a record number of 850 papers for discussion and presentation at the conference. The Study Committee’s specialist subjects are as follows:

A1 – Rotating Electrical Machines

C1 – System Development and Economics

A2 – Transformers

C2 – System operation and Control

A3 – High Voltage Equipment

C3 – System Environmental Performance

B1 – Insulated Cables

C4 - System Technical Performance

B2 – Overhead Lines

C5 – Electricity Markets and Regulation

B3 - Substations

C6 – Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation

B4 -  HVDC and Power Electronics

D1 – Materials and Emerging Test Techniques

B5 – Protection and Automation

D2 – Information Systems and Telecommunications

Technical Exhibition

The Technical Exhibition will be presented over three floors in the Palais de Congrés with more than 300 exhibitors from several countries. The exhibition will be open to delegates and visitors from Aug. 29 -Sept. 2. It will include stands from many of the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers who take this opportunity to showcase their latest technologies and new developments. Delegates will be invited to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to engage in discussions with the manufacturer’s research and development staff. Live demonstrations and hands- on experience provide opportunities for attendees to derive the utmost benefit from visiting the CIGRÉ Exhibition. 


CIGRÉ, the International Council on Large Electric Systems founded in 1921, has for the past century and remains an international non-profit Association for promoting collaboration on a national and international level.

With more than 15,000 equivalent members composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, CEO’s and other decision-makers, CIGRĖ allows experts from around 100 countries, to share and join forces in order to improve existing systems and build the electrical power systems of the future, from generation to distribution.

CIGRĖ who have established National Committees in 58 different, achieves its mission through the work of the specialized Study Committees and Working Groups and through the on-going events e.g. Study Group Meetings and Symposia etc.

CIGRĖ now look forward to sharing their diverse range of technical expertise with the fellow professionals attending CIGRÉ 2022. So why not accept this CIGRĖ Organizing Committee’s Invitation to attend and participate in one of the world’s largest International Conferences in Paris.

For full details and registration for the CIGRÉ 2022 visit

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