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Call for Speakers: Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Track

Jan. 26, 2021
We're inviting manufacturing and energy professionals to submit speaking proposals for M&T 2021, to be held November 9-11, 2021, in Columbus.

The Manufacturing Technology Show 2021 content team is excited to announce a new innovative track on Energy Efficiency & Sustainability track for manufacturers and we’re inviting manufacturing and energy professionals to submit speaking proposals for M&T 2021, to be held November 9-11, 2021, in Columbus.

Manufacturing & Technology, an IndustryWeek Event, is a conference and expo designed to provide a unique learning experience that provides real-world strategies, solutions, and best practices to solve real-world challenges facing the industry today and into the future.

To achieve this, we are looking for speakers with practical experience in developing, implementing, and managing leading-edge technology implementations, workforce best practices, and continuous improvement strategies in their manufacturing or industrial-focused organizations.

We welcome submissions from consultants or vendors as well, but such proposals will only be considered if paired with a co-presenter from a manufacturing company.

See the 2019 event schedule here for samples.

M&T 2020 Tracks & Topics:

We are accepting proposals for the following one-hour tracks (additional tracks may be added later):

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (EE&S) has moved well beyond just trying to drive out excessive costs and waste at manufacturing plants, in today’s hyper competitive climate, it’s a core business imperative. The EE&S (EE&S) track (or integrated version) will focus on the holistic business drivers and imperatives that are driving EE&S, case studies sessions, including lessons learned when implementing EE&S and the change management issues with the people, processes and technologies that were effected.

Topics may include:

  • What methodologies are manufacturers utilizing to measure their return on EE&S investments?
  • Reuse and recycling opportunities and benefits
  • Moving from smart manufacturing to sustainable manufacturing
  • Creating differentiations and competitive advantages through EE&S
  • Recognizing value beyond energy cost reductions
  • Embracing sustainability to save money and drive innovation

Continuous Improvement:

This track targets both novice and veteran individuals/work teams advancing their lean and continuous improvement journeys. As such, sessions in this track should engage attendees tackling specific plant floor challenges or focusing on specific tools to help them do so. Topics of interest could include:

  • How to Launch a Lean/Continuous Improvement Initiative
  • Learning Lean Tools
  • Making Kaizen Work for You
  • Lean Training


This track is for leaders—from C-suite to plant management—who are charged with guiding their facilities and organizations through this disruption-rich, transformational time in U.S. manufacturing. It will offer expert insights on coping with new technologies and leadership practices, plus the new and business models the changes present. Suggested topics include:

  • Leading through Digital Transformation
  • Reimagining Your Company in an Age of Disruption
  • How to Create a Culture of Empowerment
  • Lessons Learned from Crisis

Supply Chain: 

The Supply Chain track is curated for M&T attendees at the front lines of the quickly shifting global and domestic supply chains. It covers best practices for building a sustainable supplier base and for managing a network that can survive rapid change. Topics could include:

  • Managing through Tariffs / Trade War
  • Blockchain Applications & Potential
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Combating Counterfeits


In a time of skills shortages and generational shifts, this track provides best practices and strategies to both build a better workforce and manage the diverse needs and challenges it requires. Specific topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Using Technology to Fill the Skills Gap
  • Navigating the New Terms of Employment
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Training Techniques
  • Capturing Knowledge from the Retiring Workforce

Technology & Smart Manufacturing: 

This vital track targets attendees seeking the latest technology tools, implementation plans, and smart manufacturing strategies necessary to survive and thrive in the digital transformation. Suggested topics include:

  • How SME's Can Take on the Digital Transformation
  • Blending 3D Printing into Traditional Manufacturing Operations
  • Retrofitting Brownfields with Smart Tech
  • Cutting Edge Tech: Drones, Wearables, Exoskeletons, 5G

To Receive Preference in the Review Process, Proposals Should:

  • Involve a real-world implementation
  • Engage the audience in a highly creative or interactive way
  • Be applicable to a broad range of manufacturing leadership and industries
  • Provide practical takeaways attendees can either implement immediately or that drive robust discussions about new ways to improve operations.

Benefits of Speaking:

  • Each presenter will receive one complimentary full-conference pass 
  • Your name will be published on conference promotional materials, website, and in the attendee program
  • You will be recognized as a leader in your field and to the IndustryWeek community
  • Your company will receive a discounted conference pass rate.

How to Submit:

Click here to submit your proposal. Submissions will be evaluated by IndustryWeek editorial staff and chosen based on the topic relevancy and related speaker experience. Due: February 18th, 2021

Further questions? Like to discuss potential topics? Contact Jill Jusko at [email protected] or (216) 931-9311.

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