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Workshop to Present Overview of Grounding and Lightning Topics

Grounding and lightning issues remain a concern across the industry as it is continuously challenged with higher safety standards and a need to better understand grounding and lightning issues. New and better ways to design, construct and test grounding and lightning systems are developed to meet industry demands.

The Grounding and Lightning Workshop, organized with the support of the CEATI Grounding and Lightning Task Force, brings together grounding and lightning experts, providing an opportunity for networking with consultants, manufacturers and representatives from leading electric utilities. It will be held on Nov. 7-8 in Niagara Falls, Canada.

This workshop is a forum for the exchange of information related to grounding and lightning concerns, with a focus on technical presentations, training and the exchange of ideas and experiences for the benefit of the industry.

The workshop will present an overview of grounding and lightning topics in a series of presentations from the industry experts.

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