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Women of Wind Energy Launch Online Mentoring Program

Women of Wind Industry (WoWE), a nonprofit networking organization for women in the wind energy industry, has launched a new online mentoring program - the only one geared specifically for women working in or entering the wind energy field. This program came online in late June and currently is accepting mentor and mentee applicants for the initial training session in August.

"The purpose of the WoWE mentoring program is two-fold.", said Louise Nemmers Mageli, program manager for WoWE. "First, to provide women with the leadership and technical skills needed to succeed in their current or future positions. Second, to grow future female leaders from within the wind energy industry."

WoWE selected the online format so women from across the county can easily participate, and can structure the program to fit their needs. As Mia Devine, project engineer at DNV Global Energy Concepts and a member of the WoWE mentoring committee noted, "We know that people in this industry are extremely busy. We designed the mentoring program so you can spend as much or as little time on it as you are able. Sometimes it just takes a 15 minute conversation or a thoughtful email to have an impact on someone's life."

Women of Wind Energy is a nationwide organization located in Minneapolis, Minnesota that offers women entering or already in the wind energy industry a variety of programs to foster their career development and help advocate for the wind energy industry. Currently there are a dozen local chapters across the country that focus on networking, community outreach and career growth.

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