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Vivint Launches Nation’s First Smart Grid Training Facility

Vivint has opened the first smart grid training center of its kind, designed to prepare technicians for full scale AMI deployment, including the installation of home area network (HAN) and load control devices, EV chargers and much more. The 10,000-square-foot facility, located in Austin, Texas, also houses two fully equipped model smart homes outfitted with Vivint’s home automation, energy and security solutions.

Vivint will hire technicians from the “project area” and bring them to the Austin training facility for an extensive training program that will be specific to the awarded contract. All individuals will be certified as a class D, C, B or A level technician. The training also includes all safety aspects, meter reading, handheld use, work order management, and customer service skills. Technicians will receive extensive practical training in identifying and exchanging electric and water meters correctly, as well as the retrofit process for water and gas. In addition to smart grid training, Vivint technicians will receive training on home area network, security, load control, energy and home automation installation.

Written and performance tests will be conducted throughout the training period. Installers who do not pass each milestone will review the materials and re-test. Only installers who successfully complete the entire training program will be certified and deployed to a customer site. All “project area” installation teams will be accompanied by a core of qualified Vivint supervisors.

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