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Utilities to Use Role Based Training and Podcasts to Comply with CIP Regulations

Course customization goes one step further in 2010 with a delivery process that allows content to be delivered by job role. QUIZZICLE is now offering a newly developed training that contains role-based functionality. Employees may now see content specific to their job roles, remain compliant with mandates, and save time with role or job-targeted training.

QUIZZICLE has updated its NERC CIP training Version 2.0 of the NERC CIP standards that become effective on April 1, 2010. QUIZZICLE's customization process, paired with intelligent core content, allows entities to provide their employees with interactive, targeted, time-effective training.

In 2010, QUIZZICLE is supplementing its Security Awareness Suite with an "audio initiative" that delivers quick and effective safety information. Safety Sound Bites may be downloaded to handheld devices, delivered by email, or posted on corporate portals for a simple and interesting way to meet the awareness requirement of the CIP Standards. Bi-weekly topics will enforce everyday security practices and take only a few minutes for employees to hear.

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