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Utilities Embrace Web-Based Training to Comply with Cyber Security Regulations

To comply with training and awareness requirements identified in the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) regulations, registered entities Energy East (Maine), Portland General Electric (Oregon) and Modesto Irrigation (California) have recently purchased Quizzicle's web-based training solution.

On July 1, auditing began for registered users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system, with initial audits focusing on 13 CIP Requirements. Quizzicle continues to provide entities with customizable training to quickly and comprehensively meet these regulatory requirements.

As organizations seek to migrate from manual documentation to computer-based data capture, Quizzicle offers clients a Learning Management System (LMS) providing tracking capabilities to monitor internal compliance and time-stamped completion reporting.

In an effort to help entities meet the cyber-security awareness mandate in CIP004-1 R1, Quizzicle offers their Standards Awareness For Entities (SAFE) course (covering all NERC regulations) and a quarterly Awareness Poster Program presenting security tips on topics such as Desktop Security and Physical and Electronic Security Perimeters.

Peter Sorenson, President of Quizzicle, stated, "Companies continue to search for a comprehensive training solution to help them comply with the NERC CIP regulations. Many have found this answer in the web-based training programs offered by Quizzicle."

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