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Updated 'Electric Power System Reliability -2007' Now Available

Electric Power System Reliability -2007 has been updated to include the material from the new 2008 NERC System Operator Certification Exam and is particularly structured to address application and analysis-type questions. The book is available from Powersmiths International. It includes the new, the anticipated and the revised NERC standards as well as the original standards and some new questions to promote understanding.

Recognizing that this is a time of transition for NERC with respect to developing a new test, no material was deleted from the 2006 edition. Since the original and new and revised Standards are presented, the book will serve as an aid for either test.

This book is organized in 16 chapters (306 pages), each addressing a fundamental of power system reliability. Rather than present the reliability standards strictly in the NERC alphabetic standards blocks, the standards are presented in the context of the appropriate power system fundamentals. This organization is designed to provide the technical information required to understand the standards and provide relevance and perspective to highlight the purpose of each standard or group of standards. This presentation format is designed to frame each group of standards so that information can be more easily assimilated and retained by electric power system operating personnel.

Each chapter is designed around a fundamental of Power System Reliability and its associated NERC Standards. Background information is presented to explain the purpose, intent and technical relevance of the standards in that group. Key requirements of the standards are summarized. Finally, any remaining requirements from the standards group are presented for completeness. Questions are presented at the end of most chapters to allow the reader to test for comprehension.

While the 2007 edition was written a year ago in anticipation of a change in the test last year (that has been delayed to this year), Powersmiths said it has not changed the text or developed a new edition because the company does not think it would make a better aid in preparing for the new exam. The 2007 Standards that are included in the new test are presented in this edition.

This text is available from Powersmiths for $85. It features a summary of the NERC 2007 Reliability Standards and an OPS-X simulation exercise on CD.

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