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Reliant Donates to Electrical Education Programs

Reliant Energy has announced that the Gilbert Station in Milford, New Jersey, and Titus Station in Reading, Pennsylvania, have teamed to donate electrical training equipment to local educational facilities. The equipment will be used for advanced training in electrical concepts. The wide array of equipment will assist students at Penn State-Berks and the Berks Career and Technical Centers (BCTC) in more smoothly transitioning from the classroom to the workplace.

"From our educational partnerships of more than 10 years, we knew the electrical programs at both Penn State-Berks and the BCTC's would benefit from the equipment," said Jeffrey Marks, Titus station manager. "Having better qualified students entering the workforce can only help to solve some of the hiring challenges now facing our industry."

The donation includes 10 work stations and dozens of components used to simulate and demonstrate practical electrical concepts.

"Students in our engineering and engineering technology programs will find the hands-on experience this equipment will prove an asset when they begin working in this field," said Robert J. Buczynski, associate professor of engineering at Penn State Berks.

Michael Schmehl, Titus Station administrative manager, approached Gilbert Station Plant Manager Neil MacIntosh about donating the equipment not currently used at the New Jersey facility. Schmehl knew from past involvement in educational and workforce efforts that the training equipment could help prepare students who seek employment in the energy field after graduation. Titus Station Plant Manager Jeffrey Marks agreed to fund transportation of the equipment from New Jersey.

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