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PJM Interconnection Offers Degree Programs to Employees

Approximately 46 percent of power sector jobs occupied by engineers could be left unfilled within five years due to retirements and other factors, according to a 2007 Center for Energy Workforce Development survey. Experienced electrical engineers are essential to maintaining the reliability and safety of the power grid.

To encourage employees to stay in engineering and to train new electrical engineers, PJM Interconnection has partnered with Philadelphia area universities to offer four on-site, accredited degree programs that help PJM employees develop their work-related skills:

  • PJM and Drexel University launched an on-site master of science in electrical engineering (MSEE) program..
  • Employees also began coursework and research to earn a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Drexel. Employees are encouraged to design a thesis directly related to their job responsibilities.
  • PJM’s Transformer Program, a series of three graduate-level courses, prepares employees to enter the Drexel MSEE program with a focus on power engineering. This program paves the way for employees who have backgrounds in math and science to transform their careers.
  • PJM also launched a master of business administration (MBA) program offered by the Pennsylvania State University Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies. This program helps employees develop overall business skills to help PJM maintain power grid reliability.
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