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PHI Receives $4.4 Million Federal Job Training Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $4.4 million in federal stimulus funds to Pepco Holdings, Inc. as part of the Smart Grid Workforce Training Grant. This award accelerates PHI toward thegoal of establishing a well-trained power sector workforce with the requisite knowledge, expertise and capabilities to not only implement, operate and enhance the smart grid, but also to provide sound energy advice to our customers.

Specifically, the Smart Grid Workforce Training Grant will be used in three areas: 1) advanced metering infrastructure and customer care training for more than 700 new and existing employees, 2) retraining workers to support Smart Grid technology and 3) creating more than 50 jobs due to the Smart Grid implementation. These efforts will enable PHI employees to manage the full capabilities of the Smart Grid and help customers take advantage of the information and energy opportunities provided by the Smart Grid.

PHI will use the grant to train employees in new roles as energy specialists and energy advisors, as well as to provide enhanced or supplementary training for existing roles such as customer service representatives, billing specialists and distribution engineers. Topics that will be covered in this training include interval billing and dynamic pricing, emerging renewable technologies and energy efficiency opportunities.

PHI’s Smart Grid will use intelligent grid sensors and two-way communications to enhance grid reliability, enable customers to move toward energy reduction and improved energy management, optimize asset operations and maintenance, as well as lay the groundwork for wide-scale distributed renewable energy generation, electric vehicle adoption, carbon footprint reduction and less dependency on foreign oil.

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