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Partial Discharge Workshop at Mississippi State

Partial Discharge Workshop at Mississippi State

Partial Discharge (PD) phenomena are localized dielectric breakdowns of a small portion of a solid or liquid electric insulation that is subjected to high voltage stress. PD often precedes an insulation breakdown which can result in cost-intensive repairs, and possibly prolonged outages. The measurement of PD is a major criterion for the quality of power systems for assets like cables, power transformers, rotating machines and GIS.

OMICRON will hold a 3 ½ day workshop on Aug. 6-9, 2012 at Mississippi State University. The workshop will introduce attendees to the basics of Partial Discharge, the applications, and various advanced measurement techniques. Through lecture and hands-on demonstration in the High Voltage Lab at Mississippi State, attendees will acquire knowledge about PD measurements on various high voltage apparatus.

Topics include:

  • Theory and introduction to PD
  • Summary of International Standards
  • PD Measurements on Rotating Machines
  • PD Measurements on Medium Voltage and High Voltage Cables
  • PD Measurements of Power Transformers
  • PD Measurement of GIS
  • Acoustic Partial Discharge Methods
  • Evaluation of Non-IEC 60270 Partial Discharge Location
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