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NYISO Offers Power Grid and Electricity Market Training

This month the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) will be offering opportunities for individuals to learn more about New York’s wholesale electricity markets and power system operations.

The NYISO will offer an introductory session, the Market Overview Course, on Sept. 8, 2010. Recommended for those with less than a year of energy industry experience, this course provides attendees with a general overview of all aspects of the wholesale electricity markets in New York and includes segments on power system operations, market pricing and power contracting.

The cost of this class is $400, with a government rate of $50. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The NYISO also will offer a four-day Market Orientation Course on Sept. 21-24, 2010. This course is geared toward active or prospective participants in New York’s wholesale electricity markets. Attendees will receive instruction in the purchase and sale of energy, capacity and related market products.

The general registration rate for the four-day Market Orientation Course is $1,450, with a government rate of $175. The registration fee covers the cost of the sessions, training materials and meals.

“The NYISO’s markets and grid operations are viewed as excellent models, and we are pleased to offer opportunities for people to learn more and become well-informed participants in the marketplace,“ said NYISO President and CEO Stephen Whitley.

More than 1,100 representatives from nearly 60 nations have visited the NYISO to learn about wholesale electricity markets and the operation of New York’s electricity grid.

The classes will be held in the Berle Conference Center at the NYISO’s corporate offices in Rensselaer, N.Y. In addition to the educational sessions, the NYISO offers informational tours. While access to NYISO’s facilities is strictly governed by security mandates, pre-approved visits can be arranged.

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