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Megger Announces New Relay Training Seminars for 2007

Megger has introduced new relay training seminars for this year to be held at five different locations and dates. The seminars provide practical and comprehensive training on critical and important aspects of protective relay testing.

Participants will also be trained on new capabilities and features that have been added to the Megger MPRT hardware, firmware and software. All training overviews and hands-on workshops will be conducted by experienced relay test professionals. Also in attendance and assisting in the training at most seminars will be factory engineers from the major relay manufacturers including Schweitzer and GE Multilin.

The aim of each seminar is to expand relay testing knowledge base and make “power users” of the Megger MPRT hardware and software.

Who should attend

  • Any user or non-user of Megger relay test equipment
  • Any protective relay test technician or engineer
  • Any consulting engineer
  • Any other individual who wants to become more knowledgeable in the area of protective relay testing
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