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KEMA Joins Google Enterprise Professional Program

Faced with a graying workforce, utilities are seeking ways to retain the knowledge and experience of their retiring professionals. KEMA has joined the Google Enterprise Professional program and is offering a new line of services that helps utilities capture the knowledge of their aging workforce by extending the power of Google across the enterprise.

“With an estimated 50 percent of the utility workforce retiring in the next five to 10 years, utilities face the reality of losing much of the knowledge and experience so critical to their operations,” said Gregory Reed, senior vice president of KEMA, Inc. “As part of the Google Enterprise Professional Program, KEMA can help utilities capture and organize knowledge content of departing employees so that new employees can continue to deliver reliable energy and services to their customers.”

Reed continued, “Google’s enterprise search products offer the same quality search experience that people are accustomed to with Google.com. This makes organizing and retrieving the vast body of knowledge required to run a utility more manageable and efficient.”

The Google Enterprise Professional program includes developers, consultants and independent software vendors that provide value-added services for Google enterprise products.

“Google is excited to have KEMA, Inc. as a partner in the Google Enterprise Professional program. We’re looking forward to KEMA enhancing the power of Google search by providing knowledge capture services to its utility customers,” said Brent VerWeyst, Search Partner Lead, Google Enterprise.

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