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IEEE Smart Grid World Forum Videos Now Available

IEEE has announced that full-length videos of panel discussions and exclusive speaker interviews from the first IEEE Smart Grid World Forum are now available online. Since the IEEE Smart Grid World Forum that took place in Brussels, Belgium earlier this month was sold out, the videos were created to enable a wider audience to learn from the policy makers, consumer advocacy groups, utility companies and technology vendors who came together to share lessons learned and best practices.

During the IEEE Smart Grid World Forum, industry executives, university professors, government leaders and regulatory experts delved into a wide range of topics, such as how Smart Grids will be governed; what IT systems need to be developed; energy efficiency; data handling, security and protection; smart transmission and distribution; interoperability; storing renewable energy; complex consumer considerations; as well as building smart cities with results of pilot programs.

“Electricity is an essential component to society and our reliance on energy to live, work and play is ever increasing. For Smart Grids to succeed, all parties must work together to decide how to best build them – ensuring the right legal, regulatory and technology frameworks are in place,” said Ronnie Belmans, IEEE Fellow, and Chairman, SmartGrids European Technology Platform. “This unique event created a platform for speakers and delegates alike to interact and gain actionable intelligence from each other.”

Soon to become a 40-year member of IEEE in 2011, John McDonald, IEEE Fellow and Director, Technical Strategy & Policy Development for GE Digital Energy said, “Smart Grid is all about innovation. No one asked for the iPod, iPad or iPhone, yet they’ve changed our lives considerably. We don’t yet know what kind of consumer services will arise from the Smart Grid or the possible effect on our lives, but they will come along naturally. The content of these videos show that IEEE will be at the forefront of Smart Grid innovation as a catalyst for sharing knowledge and real-world experiences.”

For information on the sessions and speakers who presented at the IEEE Smart Grid World Forum and to register to access the video footage for $325.00, please visit: http://www.webcastregister.com/ieee.

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