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IEEE to Present Smart Grid Workshop

The San Francisco Power & Energy Society will sponsor a one-day workshop on electric grid modernization in California.

California is embarking on an effort to modernize its electric grid in order to support many of California’s overall energy policies including Governor Brown’s goals to build 12,000 MW of renewable distributed generation and 8,000 MW of large scale renewables and necessary transmission lines by 2020. The importance of current standards development and cyber security work in order to achieve California’s goals should not be underestimated. As many power engineers are aware, there are significant ratepayer costs, electric reliability, power quality, and workforce and public safety technical challenges that will need to be addressed with further grid modernization efforts.

The San Francisco Power & Energy Society is pleased to sponsor this one-day workshop and has invited industry experts with extensive relevant knowledge and experience and who are also core figures in national and international standards development and cyber security efforts. SF PES would like to invite all IEEE members to attend this workshop along with other power industry professionals, university faculty and students, and especially engineers with current or previous power engineering experience. SF PES hopes to inform, inspire and engage you all in this important work.

Topics and Speakers

  • Electric Grid Modernization (Smart Grid) - Introduction: Wendy al-Mukdad, Utilities (Electrical) Engineer
  • CPUC NIST Framework & Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards: Dr. Gerald J. FitzPatrick, National Institute of Standards & Technology
  • Architecture of the Smart Grid: Joseph W. (Joe) Hughes, Reef Energy Systems, LLC
  • International Standards for Integrating Distributed Energy Resources: Frances Cleveland, Xanthus Consulting International
  • National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource Project: Erfan Ibrahim, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Lunchtime Panel Discussion (Moderator – Wendy al-Mukdad): All Four Main Speakers & Special Guest, Joe Weiss
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