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Global Training Solutions Inc. Offers Transmission and Distribution Training Series

Global Training Solutions Inc. offers 78 Transmission & Distribution training titles, available on DVD and web-based e-learning formats. The series contains current OSHA regulations and Industry Best Practices.

Training Packages available for:

  • Lineman Apprentice
  • High Voltage Substation
  • Electrical Meter Installer
  • Electrical Cable Installer
  • Transmission System Apprentice
  • Troubleman Training

The titles include high-quality video, audio, three-dimensional graphics, animation, and simulation exercises—all to stimulate and involve the trainee in real-life procedures and experiences. Pre-tests and post-tests can be designed by the administrator, and quizzes appear throughout each course to keep the instruction challenging.

All course units are arranged in a comprehensive curriculum. Important fundamentals are covered in Maintenance Basics, such as electrical safety and basic climbing skills, moving on to more advanced topics in Overhead Distribution, such as pole top equipment replacement, and transformer troubleshooting. Specialized training is offered in Underground, Substations and Transmission, as well.

Each DVD unit comes complete with one Instructor’s manual and one Student Workbook. In addition, each module contains an FPR (Field Performance Requirements) checklist, important in documenting field skill proficiency. The web-based format provides access to 78 unit course materials. Each unit includes standard testing and tracking features, service maintenance and support.

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