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GE Energy's Power Systems Engineering Courses Entering 59th Year

GE Energy's Consulting organization offers advanced power systems classes in Schenectady, New York, and it is entering its 59th year of operation.

Taught by energy consultants, these classes combine a format of lectures followed by problem-solving sessions. Many classes also include tours to research centers, independent system operators and related industry businesses.

"GE recognizes that today's electric utility management and engineers will be key role players in developing future power systems from a multitude of energy sources - and their decisions will affect the lives of global populations," GE Energy said. "For these reasons it is essential that people with insight, decisiveness, and well-defined management skills play a significant part in power planning, design, and operations."

GE Energy's classes are meant to enhance the skills and knowledge that are essential to becoming a leader in the energy market. Program coursework focuses on planning, advanced applications, economics/markets, emerging technologies and project solutions.

"We're pleased that a number of our alumni have reached the chief executive officer level in their careers," according to GE Energy.

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