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GE Energy Releases 60th Anniversary Schedule

GE Energy has released its 60th anniversary schedule of the Power Systems Engineering Course starting Aug. 4. Registration is now open for enrollment into any of the courses offered in 2008 held at our Energy Learning Center in Schenectady, New York.

GE has offered global professionals the opportunity to train at a leading learning facility with a unique curriculum and a program that is among the most established in the energy industry, worldwide. This learning experience includes insightful lectures by leading industry experts as well as valuable tours to research centers, manufacturing facilities and industry businesses.

The courses are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge that are essential to becoming a successful leader in the electric power industry. Program coursework focuses on planning, advanced applications, economics/markets, and emerging generation solutions.

Graduates from the program have advanced their careers in a number of ways, and several have reached the chief executive officer level.

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