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GE Energy Consulting Presents Power System Economics, Markets, Strategic Planning Quarter

GE Energy Consulting offers its Power System Economics, Markets, and
Strategic Planning quarter, which began Oct. 15, with a course in global power markets and ends Nov. 9 with power plant financial modeling and evaluation.

According to GE, it recognizes that energy economics, power markets, and power system
operations are changing in today's world and to successfully make
informed decisions, one must have the focused knowledge and education.

The courses help students to:

  • Know of the various aspects of dispatching generation to meet
    power system demand.
  • Identify the economic forces that drive utility decisions.
  • Focus on the operation of a power system from the point of view
    of the various company officers, from a CEO to a maintenance supervisor.
  • Understand power plant dispatch; when and where to add new
    transmission and of what voltage level; optimal power plant maintenance schedules, and power generation resource planning.
  • Learn about deregulated electric power markets including an
    overview of global electric power markets.
  • Become familiar with the various aspects of financial modeling
    used in power plant valuation.

Other courses in the quarter include utility economics, strategic transmission and generation planning, and deregulated power markets.

Participants looking to fulfill annual licensing requirements can receive CEUs from any offered class. PSEC has been certified by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), to offer CEUs; the provider number is 1062.

For more information and to register, visit:

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