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GE Energy Adds Solar Power Fundamentals to Portfolio of Courses

PSEC, formerly known as the Power Systems Engineering Course, has been providing energy executives with strategies to maximize planning, operations and expansion initiatives for more than 60 years.

The courses, held at GE’s Energy Learning Center in Schenectady, New York, are offered in many flexible education options, including four-and-a-half month, four-week and two-to-four-day programs. The PSEC program has four quarters: power systems planning and application I; power systems planning and application II; energy economics, power markets and strategic planning; and emerging generation technologies and analysis. There are six different classes offered in each quarter and all are certified continuing education units.

Throughout PSEC’s 61-year history, the courses have continually evolved to keep up with changes in the energy industry and the curriculum has been revised to reflect the needs of its students. Recent updates to the program include topics such as fuel flexibility, wind power integration, utility economics, strategic transmission planning, smart grid and deregulation.

PSEC started with four students in 1949, focusing on power systems engineering invented by forefathers of the industry. Over time, the reach of the program has expanded internationally where PSEC has attracted attendees from 57 different nations. As the number of attendees grew so did the curriculum, which has evolved to include energy economics, strategic planning and emerging generation solutions.

“In addition to insightful lectures by industry experts, the learning experience includes valuable tours of research centers and manufacturing facilities, as well as use of the Energy Learning Center’s power labs and latest industry software,” said Martin Shalhoub, PSEC program manager. “The new curriculum, coupled with the existing high-quality courses, allows participants to stay on the cutting edge of energy knowledge.”

PSEC is the largest corporate education partner of IEEE, which is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. IEEE has more than 375,000 members, each eligible for a 10 percent discount on PSEC courses.

For more information about PSEC or to register, please go to www.ge-energy.com/psec.

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