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Course Covers Switching in Power T&D Systems

Understanding how breakers operate as they perform their switching duties in medium and high-voltage networks. Application of power circuit breakers to meet power system requirements, not only in fault situations but also during normal operation. How the breaker deals with network transients and how it generates transients itself.

This three-day training course from KEMA deals with switching and switching devices in medium and high-voltage power systems mainly from the electrical perspective. The participants will receive the full-color KEMA book "High Voltage Circuit Breakers" (ed. 2011) and a CD or USB-stick including copies of all the training material (presentation slides) and reference documents. A visit to the KEMA High-Power Laboratory is also included.

The target audience includes electrical engineers and managers involved in the specification and application of power circuit breakers. The participants must have at least a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Topics include:

  • Overview of all relevant aspects related to circuit breaking
  • Making - switching in, short-circuit currents
  • Breaking - switching off, de-energization
  • Technology of breakers
  • Circuit breaker standards
  • Testing & certification
  • Operational aspects
  • Future developments
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