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Best of the Best is Goal of National Electric Training Initiative

The National Electric Training Initiative is taking the best training pieces from companies such as Duke, ComEd, DTE Energy, Integrys, Ameren, We Energies, Vectren and combining them into an all-new "Best of the Best" online and instructor-led electric training program.

"We outlined the curriculum in early 2008 and began compiling content in the various disciplines - overhead, underground, substation, metering, and so on," offered Donna Hake, manager of customer operations training at We Energies. "There will be pre-apprentice and apprentice level materials plus written and performance tests. We are actually starting at the end---what is it that a pre-apprentice or an apprentice must be able to do well and safely--then building the learning materials they need to ensure success. OSHA and NESC regulations are being very carefully checked against our content as well, we want the materials to be fully compliant with the latest regulations."

"The heart of the program is a combination of the amazing expertise and content each company brings to the process," explains Don Szambelan, chief learning officer for MEA, "plus the adult learning experts, course builders, and computer graphic professionals that MEA has developed. These courses will be engaging, filled with learning, but they will be enjoyable too."

"We are very proud to make this exciting project work for our industry," said Patrick Van Beek, president of MEA. "Our board has given us great support and encouragement. Our EnergyU.org learning portal has over 200 courses--including many electric courses and we serve tens of thousands of students all across the country."

The National Electric Training Initiative offers complete course materials and enrolled companies also get full access to all the training elements--common task list, performance evaluations, written content, and graphics. The courses will run on all major learning management systems whether internet or intranet based.

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